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Advantages and disadvantages of wearing highheel shoes every day

  • By Margaret Seward
  • Published 11/16/2010
  • Article Writing

Nowadays, women wearing high-heel shoes every day has become a popular phenomenon in modern society. People think wearing high-heel shoes can bring them confidence and beauty. But some people say wearing high-heel shoes does great harm to the health. Now here are the advantages and disadvantages of wearing high-heel shoes every day. A recent study, conducted by the famous magazine, shows that 70 percent of women love wearing high-heel shoes because wearing them can make them feel confident in their daily life. High-heel shoes have become the source of their confidence in work and life. For them, perhaps wearing high-heel shoes means success. What¡¯s more, wearing high-heel shoes has the function of protecting the arch of the foot. If the arch of the foot is resilient, it does well to the stability of people when standing. Wearing high-heel shoes also can cushion the shock and protect the vessels from compressing when people walking or jumping. As a result, wearing high-heel shoes conform to the physiological demands. Nevertheless, high-heel shoes can not be too high. Two or three centimeters are suitable. Modern medical search results have proved that the earlier people wear high-heel shoes, the more damage it does to the health of people. Although wearing high-heel shoes can make people become beautiful and feel confident, inner cultivation is an essential element of success. Wearing high-heel shoes may bring people painful toe problems. As usual, the whole body weight is supported by the feet. If the high-heel shoes are too high, people will lean forward when wearing them. Then the whole body weight is supported by the soles of the feet. Under that circumstance, people can has toe problems. As a matter of fact, the main reason why many women¡¯s low back and knee joint pain is that women wear very high high-heel shoes.   In conclusion, wearing high-heel shoes has advantages and disadvantages. I suggest that women should not wear them every day and do more practice in spare time.


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