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As of August 2014, .com attracts over 40,000 unique visitors per month and over 70,000 individual page views, or impressions per month.  Visitors to the site come from over 150 countries and territories and over 6,000 different cities.  In addition, .com  has approximately 2200 RSS subscribers, over 5,000 engaged Twitter followers, and over 2,700 fans on FaceBook.

Because we highly value our readers time and support, we only accept advertisements for products or services which we genuinely believe are valuable and interesting to them.  As a general rule, we do not accept text-link ads, ads from drop-shippers, or ads which are unrelated to office supplies .  We reserve the right to reject any advertising pitch at any time, for any reason.

Please note: Advertising on, or sponsoring of, this site does not constitute any ability control or edit site content whether my own or reader contributed.

The following advertising options are available on .com:

Advertising Space – Advertising space is available on the footer, or sidebar, and within the bodies of some individual posts.  Sidebar ads are available in 125 x 125, 160×600 or 250 x 250 pixels.  Footer ads have a maximum width of 600 px.  Please contact us for details on individual post advertisements.  Pricing varies based on the size, position, and length of contract.

Giveaways – We love to reward our readers with great office supply giveaways!  Previous giveaways on have generated hundreds of entries, and given contest sponsors scores of new site visitors, social media mentions, and FaceBook and Twitter followers.  Please note that giveaway items must also be made available to us as a review sample for a full review, as we will not promote items to our readers which we  have not had the chance to review and validate as being a unique, valuable, or otherwise interesting product.  Because our readers come from all over the world, preference is given to giveaways open internationally, however this is not a requirement.  Giveaways opportunities are limited as to not overwhelm readers and exhaust their likelihood to participate and see true value in the products being offered. Please contact us for additional details.

Sponsored Reviews  – We will consider some products for sponsored reviews, however they must be highly relevant to the readers of this site.  Any sponsored reviews will be clearly marked as such with no exceptions.  Please contact us for further details on the sponsored review program.

Sponsored Newsletters–With over 2,300 newsletter subscribers as of October 2012 and an average open rate of close to 75%, newsletters are an excellent way to get your message in front of the most passionate office supply addicts.  All opportunities available on the .com are also available within the twice monthly newsletter, including ad space, giveaways, and reviews, however any advertisements or promotions must be unique to the newsletter and may not be an offer that is available to the general public.  Please contact us for more detailed information.

As always, thank you for considering .com for your next ad campaign.  If you have any questions, you can contact us using the “About/Contact” tab.

Paid Links – This site will under no circumstances offer paid text links to your business, product, or service.  Paid advertisements will only appear in the “Site Sponsors” section, and other easily recognizable areas as banner ads that do not imply an endorsement of said products or services.


All written material and imagery used on .com is owned by us and copyright protected unless otherwise stated.

If you would like to use any of our content , please contact us using the “About/Contact” tab.


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