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Advice on choosing high heels

In the film called Chungking Express directed by Wong Kar-wai, Takeshi Kaneshiro once cleaned Brigitte¡¯s shoes with his tie, saying ¡°The shoes of a beautiful woman should not be long and dusty.¡± The pair of white shoes looked as tired and pale as their owner under the camera of Wong Kar-wai.

Cinderella left her crystal shoes on the palace steps at midnight after the bell sang out the hour of midnight. And the shoes are as sparkling and flawless as their owner.

High heels are women¡¯s another faces, on which the mood¡¢temper and personality are written at great length. So how to choose a pair of high heels well-suited to us ourselves? And the following is a list of what I suggest.

1. If it is the first time for you to choose high heels, the best choice are the good quality ones made of soft leathers. By doing this can you adapt yourself to the high heels as quickly as you can and make your feet not too easy to get hurt. Moreover, never forget to put on a pair of stockings in order to reduce the friction between the skins around feet and the shoes.

2. 1-2 inch leather heels are more comfortable to wear than 3~4 inch thin heels for the office ladies whose work hours are fixed and over 8 hours each day. If you really can¡¯t resist the temptation of high heels, I suggest you choose a pair of leather shoes which fit perfectly in with the radian of your feet within the range of 2~3 inch lest the feet should hurt due to a long period of extrusion. The leather shoes should be chosen since leathers¡¯ springiness is much better than the one of artificial leathers.

3. The human body can be regarded as the combination of various geometric figures. And the heels of suitable thickness help tone and trim your legs. Therefore, the thickness of heels should be always proportionate to your stature and calf in order not to make shoes seem unduly conspicuous in the overall modeling. Women who have plump figures should not choose too thin heels, otherwise, it will give people a sense of barely holding on; and if a woman¡¯s body is skinny, it would be well to prevent her from wearing too thick heels, or a very uncoordinated feeling of heaviness would be brought forth.


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