Age Appropriate Hairstyles for Women


Authored by Veronika Fevers in Hair Care
Published on 01-09-2010

Sure, women past 30 generally will not wear a mini skirt for fear that they are trying to look “too young”. Yet the same women do not take into consideration that their hairstyle may be making the same statement for them. Yet an age appropriate hairstyle does not mean that once you turn 35 you have to go for the traditionally short “soccer mom” or “curly cue” do.

There are many age appropriate hairstyles for women that are still fashion forward. It is merely the finding a happy medium within those guidelines. Many women are able to find a hairstyle that compliments their age as well as their personal style. The misconception that short hair suits as a more age appropriate hairstyle for women in their 30’s is just that. Truth of the matter is that women in their 30’s generally have husbands, jobs, and children. Short hair is just more manageable for the working mother. There is no worry of the “bad hair day blues”…. short hair is just easier to maintain. It also gives young children less hair to pull. However, short hair can be “updated” if you will by getting choppy layers, texture, and fringe. Keeping these ideas in mind will allow you to find an age appropriate hairstyle without making you look older.

Women in there 40’s and 50’s are sexier than ever, and their hairstyles reflect this newfound charm. When choosing age appropriate hairstyles for women in there 40’s and 50’s are not held by the same standard they were even 10 years ago. Age appropriate hairstyles for women in this age range have far more variations these days, including sporting longer locks. The trick to keeping longer styles age appropriate is keeping your hair healthy looking. Frequent trims will keep your hair looking youthful as well as keeping it age appropriate.

Why dye? If you are older why not let some of the gray come through? Women including fashion guru Stacey London sport strips of gray. This not only gives a touch of drama, but also works well as an age appropriate hairstyle for women if your character can pull it off. Long gone are the days of blue haired old women. Many are now sporting styles that are suited to them as well as flattering. If you are an older woman and want to keep a natural yet age appropriate hairstyle, experiment with lighter tones when dyeing your tresses. Keep in mind that darker colors can look harsh against the skin and have a tendency to make you look older.

The trick to finding suitable age appropriate hairstyles for women is based on the woman. If a woman is comfortable in long hair and she is in her 50’s then so be it. If you prefer a shorter hairstyle in your 30’s, more power to you. You are as young as you feel and present yourself. Do not let fashion laws of old hold you down when it comes to having an age appropriate hairstyle. You should be able to be the judge of what is age appropriate and what is not.


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