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Airline safety guidelines about who to fly with and what to carry

  • By Shayne Poole
  • Published 05/3/2012
  • Satire

Who to fly with or what to fly with is something that should not be taken as a joke or for granted. Airlines have different rules and regulations concerning what passengers should carry when traveling. Some of the things that passengers are not allowed to carry are liquids because they contain ingredients of explosive devices. But, there is a very good way mothers should carry breast milk and baby food. The food should be packed safely and sealed well. Liquids should be carried in a container and should not be more than four ounces. Besides that, they should be kept in one bag. Baby pain reliever, hand sanitizer, diaper cream and hand lotion all these should be kept in one bag.

When the passenger approaches security line, shoes and jacket should be removed. They should be kept in a plastic caddy along with other baggie of liquids. The toddler shoes should also be removed and kept in the caddy. Before boarding the plane the baby’s diaper should be changed immediately because inside the plane there is no a good place of changing baby’s diaper. Parents who are traveling with small children and they want assistance, they should ask before the flight departs. There is no need of rushing to a seat because every passenger has been assigned his or her seat.

When traveling the baby should at least swallow something because the air pressure keeps on changing. Toddlers should be given snacks like cheerios or sucker. Babies should be given sips of water to drink from either a cup or water. Toys that make the baby to make a lot of noise should not be carried when flying. Some of the things that are encouraged in a flight are crayons, coloring books and reading books. You can also carry a DVD player, MP3 player or ipod so that the child can be entertained on the flight easily. According to the airline guideline, babies who are not more than two years old should be carried on the lap. Who to fly with depends on the airline safety guidelines. Therefore, before traveling it is essential to weigh the facts and options first.



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