Alcoholic Drinks That Are Healthy

Alcohol drinks can be pretty addicting, especially when you are partying with your friends. Let’s face it, as much as you are aware of the fact that alcohol may be negative for your health, you’re most likely to put down a couple of shots. What you would want to know is which kind of alcoholic drinks are healthier for you.

Healthier alcoholic drinks

The healthiest alcoholic drinks are red wine and several mixtures of spirits. Why is beer not included? That’s because of the high density of carbohydrates which beer contains. When you drink beer in large amounts, the body responds to the excess carbohydrates consumed by increasing insulin levels. This causes the excess carbohydrates and sugar in beer to be converted to fat for storage.

Many studies have shown that drinking 1-2 glasses of red wine a day is healthy for your body. The antioxidant resveratrol, which can be found in red wine, has been claimed to reduce cholesterol and prevent clots in the arteries. Although red wine has calories with no macronutrients in them, it has only about 80 calories per glass. These benefits prove that red wine is a healthier alcoholic drink than others.

Vodka, gin, rum and other spirits which are mixed with water, juice and soda are better for health when compared to most alcoholic drinks. Spirits ‘normally’ have no additional sugar added to them and have no carbohydrates. Remember when drinking spirits to ask for no additional sugar mixes. The excess sugar which you consume will turn into glucose which will store as fat when not used as fuel.

Although the amount of calories will end up moderately high when you mix spirits like vodka with coke, the total calories is actually lower than beer. The benefits of spirits may not seem to offer much but they are healthier than other alcoholic drinks.

With the amount of mixtures you can conjure up with spirits, you will not suffer from limitation of choice. Rather, most people suffer because of the excessive drinking they do. Alcoholic drinks are abused by many and some are even unaware of it. By abuse, I mean they drink in excess to the point in which it harms their health. So what constitutes as healthy and moderate?

Experience and experts have stated that 1-2 glasses of alcohol (less than 5 ounces) will have a mild benefit for the heart. Spirits should be consumed no more than 2 glasses (less than 2 ounces) a day. Drinking in excess will cause hangovers, heart problems, high blood pressure, stroke, liver problems and in serious cases, cardiac arrest.

In the end, moderation is the key. Do not drink excessively just because the drinks are considered healthy. Be smart and always drink in moderation! With that being said, I would personally suggest red wine and vodka mixed with sprite. They would be considered good choices the few times I would indulge. They provide good health benefits and have little calories, sugar and carbohydrates, and they are easily accessible to me.

When drinking for health benefits, moderation is important. You don’t have to be too particular when in social situations. It’s perfectly ok to drink a couple of beers and a little more than what is recommended once in a while. Just don’t be too addicted to alcohol and be disciplined the rest of the time.



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