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Alcolin Sticky Putty

I’m not sure if I’d call this look at Alcolin Sticky Putty (via Amazon) a real “review” or more just an FYI, check it out kind of thing.  It was sent over to me by the folks from Alcolin to take a look at and I’ve had it for a few weeks testing it out and playing with it.

Inside the package of Alcolin Sticky Putty is 3oz or 85g of this white odorless and reusable sticky putty.  It is acid and solvent free and wont dry out, plus it can be reused multiple times.  In addition to being an adhesive to hold things like posters, pictures, and index cards on most surfaces, you can also use it as a way to clean out things like a keyboard or other crevices in small hard to reach places that like to collect dust, dirt, and crumbs.  The packaging is pretty convenient as its just basically a sleeve that opens at the top and you can slide the slab of sticky putty in and out.  Each side of the sticky putty also has a sheet of glossy paper covering each side that it peels off of pretty easily.


I tried the Alcolin Sticky Putty with multiple items on multiple surfaces and it worked like a charm everywhere.  Index cards stayed stuck on my stainless steel fridge, on my painted wall, on my metal front door, and on glass surfaces with no issues and no grease or residue left behind on either the surface or the item I was sticking it to.  The only issue I had was when I was using it for what I’d consider a bit of a stretch.  I tried affixing my bamboo index card holder with stacks of index cards in it onto my fridge, which worked for about an hour before giving out.  I’m not sure this was a fair test, but it does show what you can expect in terms of any limitations on this stuff.  Overall though I’d say that the Alcolin Sticky Putty works well in most reasonable situations and is a good solution for lots of different situations so check it out over on Amazon and you can see more about Alcolin here as well.

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