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All the way to lose weight are directly

  • By Chinese Food
  • Published 02/26/2012

Weight Loss is a behavior that to reduce the fat and weight of the body use drugs,diet,exercise,Chinese medicine meridian,psychological therapy and so on. By these ways try to correct the anomalies of obese people caused by improper behavior, which is the behavior of scientific analysis of the fat person the behavior of the characteristics and movement ingestion type, based on this, the reasonable correction action in obesity.

The fundamental cause of obesity is energy intake exceeds energy expenditure. The heat is from the energy supply in the ingestion of food substances: proteins (4kcal/g), fat (9kcal/g), carbohydrates (4kcal/g), calories consumed mainly by three aspects: basal metabolism, physical activity and thermic effect of food. The weight loss center is to allow heat to reach a negative balance (calorie intake is less than calorie consumption).

The level of the basal metabolic mainly related to the nutritional status of the human body is related to the Drink AND Food habits, so don’t eat anything after the noon is a very harmful way to lose weight. Physical activity and exercise is not the same concept, scientific studies show that high intensity exercise is not conducive to Slimming. Thermic effect of food is generally two to three hours, which is a lot of weight-loss experts said, Eat small meals a useful theoretical basis for weight loss.

All the way to lose weight are directly or indirectly focus on calories is an effective indicator to reduce the heat, health indicators for the protection of basal metabolism, sustained indicators of appetite in the control of satiety and satisfaction.


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