All You Need Is Exposure Market your Wedding Planning Business

So you have all the necessary staff, equipment, technology, contact and resources already at your fingertips, but you need clientele to drive your up and coming wedding planning business. Exposure is a key component in any business, especially the multi-billion dollar wedding business. After all, it’s a once in a life time (or more than once for some) announcement to friends and family that the couple has found each other. They now need someone to make this moment memorable enough till death or other circumstances do them part.

Lay a good foundation!

Start with a snazzy slogan or a memorable jingle that catches people’s attention. Incorporate it onto your flashy website complete with touched-up photos and dreamy wedding tunes. Remember to stimulate the senses as much as possible so people can linger a bit longer at your site and come back to you when they have done their research. The more information you can provide on your website, the more engaging your wedding planning business will seem. It is an all-service business, so provide your recommendations when it comes to details like where to find gifts for bridesmaids, the perfect church for the ceremony, honey-moon destinations, catering services, tailors, makeup artists, photographers, salons, hotels, live bands, jewelers, etc. – the works!

Here Comes the Marketing

Remember those details that you have incorporated into your service? It’s time to make the connection with all the people in those areas of expertise to leverage your marketing opportunity. Your website at this moment is a marketing tool to help drive business to the aforementioned people so they can spread your reputation. The more details you provide, the more channels you have at marketing your business. Your personality has to shine when it comes to meeting with all the people that will help make your planning business a success. Treat them like your clients as you would your brides-to-be’s. Establish a lasting relationship with them because this is a referral business. Your business card should capture your personality and their imagination so don’t skimp on hiring a good graphic designer for that smallest piece of marketing.

Off to Trade Shows

Your multi-pronged campaign never ends, but continues to expand if you want to take your business to a national level. Attending trade shows is a great way to network and bring attention to your business. Here is where you will meet all the future brides and grooms that might be attempting their hand at planning their own weddings. You intercept their oh-so-ambitious attempts and make them realize the amount of work involved and how you can be of service to them. If you have extra budget, sponsor as an exhibitor or opt for a booth and start collecting contacts. This is also a great way to give out incentives that promotes your business.

A Toast to your efforts

By now you might have contracted a few weddings to plan. Perhaps you’ve made contacts with some wine distributors that would like to put their wines at the wedding you are planning. You open some reds, some whites and some sparkling wines to pick out the ones you think is suitable for the wedding. As you flip through the bridal magazines, the thought of advertising your business enters and you jot down the ones that resonate well with you. Make plans to call them the next day!


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