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Altego 14″ Laptop Sleeve by Samsill


The Altego 14 Laptop Sleeve

I’ve been trying to expand the variety of different home office supplies that I review here, and the nice folks over at Samsill were happy to help me out with that task.  When I saw their Altego Laptop Sleeve, I couldn’t get over the way it reminded me of a giant bubble wrap laptop sleeve and I had to get my hands on one to review.


The Altego 14 Laptop Sleeve Open with Neoprene Back

The 14.1″ Altego Laptop Sleeve that we are looking at here today has a unique air-bubble cushioning system to protect your laptop from shock, impact, and vibration, and the neoprene back panel has thick square cushions that also help to further protect your computer from bumps and scratches.  In addition to the protective support that this laptop sleeve gives your laptop, it is also TSA compliant, so you can make your way through airport security a little easier.


Altego 14 Laptop Sleeve with Laptop

The laptop shown in the photo above is a Dell XPS 13.3″ that even has the larger long-life battery and it still fits nicely in the Altego Laptop Sleeve.  Once the laptop was in there and zipped in, it was really snug and to me it felt really protected, although I wasn’t about to smash it, drop it, kick it, or anything like that to test that out. The zipper didn’t give me any problems, which I was happy about because in the past I’ve had other similarly designed items where zipping around a corner really slowed me down, but the zipper on this laptop sleeve worked very smoothly around the corners.

My only problem with this laptop case was that , I had to fight the extreme urge to start popping the bubbles on the front as if it really were a giant sheet of bubble wrap.  Obviously that wouldn’t end well if I still wanted to use this to protect my laptop, so I refrained from doing it.  Anyway, I think this looks like a great option if you are looking for a new laptop case that will be a little different and still do a great job of protecting your laptop.

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