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Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Bag Review

The Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Bag (via Amazon) is a great looking bag and it has a ton of storage space too.  Beyond the functional specs and the great looks though, this bag was tested by Altego in a pretty unique way that I’ve never seen before for a messenger bag.  The video above will give you an idea what I mean.  It’s worth watching the video just for the great scenic views.  Also, just a heads up that this bag was provided free of charge by the folks at Altego for the purpose of this review, however the opinions and observations about the bag are independent and unbiased.


The Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger

The first thing I noticed about the Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Bag was the great color contrast of the mostly gray bag with strategically placed orange accents.  The obvious orange accents are found around things like the zipper pockets, but even the black piping around the edges of the bag have orange thread to secure them.  The bag is made of a very durable feeling water resistant ripstop material and measures 15.25” x 11.25” x 1.75”.


The Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Fidlock Magnetic Snap Buckles that are Secure and Easy to Use Once you Figure them Out

I have no problem admitting that it took me a few minutes to figure out how to open up the Fidlock magnetic snap buckles that hold the bag shut, but once I got the hang of it I was impressed with how cool they were.  They are definitely very secure but once you get the hang of them they are easy to open, and even easier to close.  The magnets are strong enough so that as soon as you have them even remotely close enough to being lined up, they just snap shut.  It definitely takes a little more force and precision to open them though, but in a good way so that they don’t just easily pop open on you.


The Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Inside Storage Space is More than Spacious Enough for Almost any Need.

The thing that impressed me the most about the Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger bag was the huge amount of storage space inside.  I was able to fit both of my Levenger Circa notebooks inside, as well as a few folders, my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone, a bunch of pens, and the battery charger for my laptop.  Even with all of those things in there I still had plenty of space left over for anything else I might want to carry along.  Normally when you pack a bag full of things it can get a bit tight and awkward, but this bag really held its shape and had no problems with all that stuff in there.

The pockets for the tablet and phone are nice and snug and have a good amount of padding along with soft inner pockets that help to protect the screens on your devices.  There are also two more large pockets on the inside of the bag that are capable of holding a ton more stuff and they can be closed fairly well with the velcro closures.


The Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Front Pocket Storage with Laptop Charger.

Although I put the laptop charger on the inside of the bag when I started using it, I had initially put it in the front compartment on the flap of the bag.  I did this to see how much space was in there, and just like the rest of this bag, even the front storage on the flap was larger than I expected.


Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Zipper Pouch

When you lift up the front flap of the Altego Polygon Sunfire messenger bag, there is another zipper compartment located under there.  This pocket has a depth of about 9 inches and the opening is just under 6 inches.  It is a little bit of an odd shape but having extra storage compartments on a big is never a bad thing.  There is also a storage pocket on the top of the bag by the handle which is really easy to get in and out of and is great for keys or an extra pen or ten.


Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Secure Main Compartment

The inside of the Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger bag has a great little feature on each top back corner of the main storage compartment.  These two velcro squares that you see come together to create a nicely folded over flap that acts as a barrier to protect items from falling out and to prevent unwanted items from getting in.


Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Back Laptop Compartment

One of the main reasons for a bag like this is to carry your laptop, and the awesome black and orange plaid laptop compartment here is awesome.  It looks great and has a nice three quarters zipper that makes it easy to get your laptop in and out of the bag.  On the back of the bag is a nicely padded pattern of black foam polygons that do a great job of protecting your laptop.  The 15 inch laptop fits easily in this bag and feels nice and safe once you zip the pocket up.  The shoulder strap for the bag is made from a strong seat belt material and has an interchangeable padded section that can come off or be moved.


Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Pen Compartment.

Lastly, the Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Bag has a nice little pen compartment inside the main section.  It holds 4 large pens with no problem and they stay nice and secure with some space between them.  For the most part, there isn’t much in the bag that would come into contact with the pens either as long as you don’t have something loose floating around in there.

Overall the Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Bag is FULL of storage space and compartments and all of the stitching, seams, zippers, and buckles feel very sturdy.  I really like the water resistance and generous amount of storage in this bag.  I think it makes a great bag for travel because not only can you get in your every day needs for work situations, but if you are going to be away for a day or two you can slip in some other essentials for travel without any issue.

Check out the Altego Polygon Sunfire Messenger Bag at the Altego site or Amazon if you are interested in picking one up.  I don’t think you can go wrong with this great looking bag.

©2015, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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