Alternative Jobs for Writers


Authored by Johnny Dunn in Writing and Publishing
Published on 02-27-2009

Writing is very intricate and arduous career choice. Not everyone is lucky enough to be a best-selling novelist or responsible for an award-winning screenplay; some of us are still struggling. I’ve compiled a list of many alternative jobs, whether they be temporary or continuous, that can help you make ends meet or a fortune.

1. Blogging

Blogs are a growing source of information on the internet. Whether they be professional or from somebody no one’s ever heard of, some blogs have developed quite a following. So how can you make money out of this? By either accumulating donations, or advertising. AdSense is an advertisement application that is owned by Google. It can automatically place ads on your website and Google will pay you money every time someone sees or clicks an ad.

2. Freelancing

You don’t have to spend years working on your memoirs only for it to be ignored by every publisher you go to. There are literally hundreds of websites dedicated to providing opportunities to both freelancers and employers who need them. Absolutewrite.com is a good forum to find more information and both jobs. Freelancing allows you to build your resume, get you fame, and some cash.

3. Ghostwriting

Sure, maybe you are the most talented writer out there, but you just don’t have a chance. Ever consider ghostwriting? You’ll be paid to write articles, stories, reports, and more, but you won’t receive any credit for them. The bonus is that since someone else gets credit, usually someone much more famous, it’s very easy to find ghostwriting opportunities if you truly are a good writer. Many TV shows and News shows hire ghost-writing.

4. Self-Publish

Self-publishing gives you so much more freedom than normal publishing. You can self-publish books or e-books, and the latter is almost too easy to do. Go to a print-on-demand publisher, ideal for creating a low number of copies of your book. Then just go and distribute your book. Go to your local book store and see if they have any interest in stocking your own book. The drawbacks to self-publishing are many, though, you might find it very hard to advertise, and there are tons of other things that writers themselves don’t do but you will have to do when self-publishing, like designing the cover art.

5. Write Resumes

Most people will do anything it takes to get that dream job they want. This includes paying big bucks to hire someone to make themselves sound good. You could be that person. There are literally tons of people looking for a resume writer so there is no shortage of jobs. Some professional writers can even make over 100 dollars per resume!

There is an immense and various amount of options for you to take if you do choose to go into a career in writing. While you may have an enormous amount of talent, it is usually very hard to convince the world. These jobs may help you offset some of the costs of your needs while you’re being discovered.


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