Alternative Rainy Day Activities For Your Kids


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When it’s raining hard outside and your kids complain that they’re already bored, what do you do? You’re faced with a choice: let them watch TV the whole day or think of other worthwhile activities they can do. Though it’s tempting to park them in front of their favorite cartoon for the entire afternoon while you take a long nap, wouldn’t it be better if you can get some quality time with your kids by doing fun things together?

Here are some alternative activities you can do with kids when it’s raining outside:

1. Start a “My Favorite Things” scrapbook/diary

Time to get crafty! Get out old notebooks, colored paper, scissors, glue, markers, crayons, etc. Brainstorm for ideas first by asking your kids what are their favorite things or favorite activities and illustrate or interpret them in their own diaries. Have them explain why these are their favorites, and encourage them to put it all in their diary. This will help your kids become more imaginative and appreciative of things they hold dear to their heart.

2. Hold a board game tournament

Children nowadays are used to playing games through computers, so why not introduce something new to them? Bring out the old Scrabble set or Monopoly and explain the rules to them. You can offer small but fun prizes for your young winners such as an extra cookie after diner for the highest Scrabble scorer. If your kids are hooked on board games, you can turn this into a tradition by holding a weekly or monthly tournament for the whole family.

3. Bake cookies

There is nothing more cozy than snuggling up with your family on a rainy day with a plate of warm chocolate chip cookies and milk. Get your kids involved in making their favorite snack will let them know how much effort and love is put in each cookie.

4. Play dress up with your kids

Kids love to play pretend and sometimes sneak off with mommy’s or daddy’s things—so why give them permission to scavenge through closets or old trunks and help them play dress up? Encourage them to be creative and don’t forget to take lots of pictures!

5. Shoot your own homemade movie

Now that everyone is in costume, why not make a homemade movie? Ask your children what kind of movie they would like to make. Assign roles, agree on a basic story, and make your improvise set and let the cameras roll! Don’t forget to invite the whole family for a private screening in your very own living room—complete with complementary popcorn and orange juice!

There are tons of other fun activities you and your family can do when you’re stuck indoors. Take the opportunity to bond together and create fun memories. Don’t let the rain stop you from encouraging young minds to be imaginative, resourceful, and creative. Who knows, your child might thank you later for unleashing an interest in the culinary arts, or filmmaking, so do something fun and worthwhile today!


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