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Alternative to Thumbtacks The QPin Leaves no Holes


A great alternative to thumbtacks that leave no holes in your pictures or documents

If you were looking for an alternative to thumbtacks…you’re welcome.  These Q-Pins (via the Q-Pins website) were sent to us by the manufacturer to take a look at for this review and although reluctant at first, I’ve definitely taken a liking to this creative and very useful product.  As always, although this product was provided for free (as well as a free package for a giveaway later) that does not change the views expressed here.


The Q-Pin alternative to thumbtacks come in four colors or also in a black and white set

As you can see here, the creative product gets its “Q” pin name from the side view of the grip section of these little guys.  The side view looks like a capital “Q” and the design is two fold.  First of all, the large oval portion of the Q-pin is actually hollow in the middle which creates a very secure and easy grip for pushing in or removing the pins from a wall or bulletin board.  Secondly, and most importantly, the tail of the “Q” acts as a small foot to gently press your picture or document against the surface of a wall or bulletin board while the pin itself goes through just the wall instead of piercing and damaging whatever it is that you are hanging.


Q-pins in use for hanging pictures and a calendar on a bulletin board

Here is a close up of the Q-pin thumbtack alternative in use at my desk at work.  I tried to get a better side shot of them, but the lighting and limited space to grab an angled shot made it a bit difficult.  As you can see though, each of the pictures and my Field Notes Calendar have 2 Q-pins holding them to the wall of my desk.  Although looking at this picture now makes me notice I could have done a better job of hanging things evenly and straight, there is no denying that the Q-pins do an excellent job of holding everything in place with minimal if even zero damage to them.  Over time I would expect that if you press too hard and leave the foot of the Q-pin firmly against the surface of what you are hanging you might end up with some denting or dimpling.  The good part though is that I found that in order to get them to work, you really don’t even need to press that hard, so I don’t expect that this will be an issue.  If you have stuff to hang that you don’t want to punch full of holes, I think that the Q-pin is definitely the alternative to thumbtacks solution for you, so check them out over at the Q-pins website.

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