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Although the royal declined to disclose specific information about the vintage wedding dresses guests

  • By beautydress tarrant
  • Published 05/4/2011
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This year’s April 29 Prince William will be held at the Westminster church wedding can be invited to attend will be a status symbol, while the Beckhams will become one of the guests witnessed the Party Dresses the prince, the British media revealed that they The Queen has received an invitation.

Most of the guest list is Prince William and his fiancée proposed, and with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles’s approval, is currently serving as President of the Football Association last year, Prince William and David Beckham during the World Cup in South Africa become good friends, and then also Together for England 2018 World Cup efforts, and to use the media as saying, “They both have close personal or professional relationship developed quickly. ” Besides being a fashion designer fiancee Victoria and Prince have friendship, according to

Betty that the quasi-princess like her very much in fashion design, Victoria also sent a series of their own design in particular, will be exhibiting at New York Fashion Week, the clothing to the prospective Princess to look over.Although the Royal declined to disclose specific information about the Vintage Wedding Dresses guests, but the “Daily Mail”or dug Beckhams will be invited to attend the news. Prince William itself is very low profile and do not want to just how lavish the wedding, along with the limited capacity of Westminster Church, so that guests attending the wedding is not over, about 1,900 people in the 200 politicians will For example, Cameron and the Prime Minister, more than 100 members of foreign royal family, the Winter Wedding Dresses day at noon, Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace will host a buffet, only 600 guests to attend David and Victoria Beckham are also listed.



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