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Aluminum Circa Discs in Blue Reviewed


Aluminum Circa Discs in Blue

Not too long ago, I was thrilled to be able to review the new aluminum Levenger Circa discs because I had long been lamenting the fact that the old nickel discs were discontinued.  Recently I went back to browse around the Levenger site, and was surprised to see that they now offered the 1″ aluminum circa discs in blue and other colors.  Besides the blue version that you see above, they also come in green, purple, red, and the original silver color now.


1-inch Blue Aluminum Circa Discs Making the Spine for my New Notebook

I decided to set up a new notebook with my new blue aluminum circa discs and the super smooth Rhodia Levenger Circa notebook paper that I will be using to try and keep track of everything I need to get done.  One of the reasons I selected the blue discs over the other color options was because I thought I would like how the purple ruling on the pages would look with the blue accent, and it turns out that they do look pretty nice together.


The Blue Aluminum Circa Discs in Letter Sized Notebook with Yankee Stadium for the Cover

Above you can see the full frontal view of the blue aluminum discs with a translucent cover and my picture of a somewhat off-center Yankee Stadium.  The ability to match the discs with one of the many colored covers that Levenger has, or to coordinate with your own picture as I have here is another great reason to check out these discs.  So far they are performing just as expected, there does not seem to be any sort of coating or coloring added that impacts how the pages turn.  I was happy to see that the color doesn’t seem to be rubbing off on anything.  I have not had these for very long, but I am definitely a big fan so far, so head on over to Levenger to look at the Aluminum Circa Discs (also available via Amazon) in blue and other multiple colors if you are looking to spruce up your Circa Notebook.

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