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Aluminum Felt Tip Pen on Kickstarter


Aluminum Felt Tip Pen the X-Pen

There seems to be a good amount of pen related projects that show up on Kickstarter, which I think is a good thing in terms of innovation.  Today we will take a quick look at the new aluminum felt tip pen called the X-Pen.

Now as of the time that I am writing this, I have not had one of these pens in my hands, but I have communicated with the folks that are running this project and I expect to have a sample in my hands sometime soon.  In the mean time, check out the video above, and below I’ll share some of the features of the X-Pen.

These are directly from the Kickstarter project page:

  • Aircraft grade aluminum 6061
  • We use a Standard off the shelf hex set screw (easy to replace in case it gets lost) the pen looks great with or without a nickel plate setscrew
  • Unibody design, nothing to get loose while using the pen
  • Magnetic cap secures effortlessly on pen, is fun to play with, makes grabbing paper clips or push pins a breeze
  • .43” diameter (most comfortable diameter according to our experiments and feedback from users)
  • 4” overall length fits in your pockets unnoticed
  • 2 line types, .3mm or .7mm
  • 2 types of finish, Electroless Nickel or Clear anodize
  • You can get the Pilot Razor Point or Pilot Fineliner pen from any major office supplier or Amazon.

Not a bad set of features. x-pen-pen-tool-300x231-4159266

X-Pen Pen Tool

So if you noticed in the first picture above, the pens are pictured standing in some sort of holster, along with a business card too.  The item you see there is actually the pen tool that helps you to disassemble the Pilot Razor Point or Pilot Fineliner to put the ink and tip into your new aluminum body.  It just so happens that it also serves as a pen holder, bsuiness card holder…oh, and a bottle opener too.  Overall the aluminum felt tip pen called the X-Pen looks pretty cool, but it does suffer from a lack of clip, like most Kickstarter pens I’ve seen.  My only other minor issue with this pen is that instead of working based off of the purchase of refills, you actually need to take apart an existing pen, which does seem a little bit wasteful, but if you really like either of the two pens that can work with the X-Pen, then it may be worth it for you.  Either way I’m looking forward to getting my hands on one so I can try it out and share that experience with you.

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