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Amazon Prime Day 2016 Office Supplies


If you didn’t already know, today is Amazon Prime day, and you can find all of the Office and School Supply related deals here, but the catch is that you have to sign up to be an Amazon Prime member first (you can do that here) before you can claim any of the various deals they have going on today.  Keep in mind that some of the deals are time sensitive for the day and only available for a few hours, and are also obviously subject to inventory availability so you need to jump on something before it runs out if you are interested.  Here are a few of the deals I noticed initially that look pretty good, but again keep in mind some prices are subject to certain times or availability.

Some Evening Updates:


Not only is this a decent deal, but this notebook seems REALLY cool.  It’s a smart notebook that lets you upload the contents to Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, iCloud, OneNote and more, BUT if you use the Pilot Frixion pen to write your notes you can also throw it in the microwave to erase it and re-use it.  Yup, microwave your notebook to erase it.  So with an original price of $27, I figured its worth a shot at the reduced price of $23.  (Buy here to save $4 and be able to microwave your notebook!)


The Zebra F-301 is a REALLY solid and reliable pen that has a big fan base, and rightfully so, this 12 Pack of Zebra F-301 pens would normally set you back about $22-$24, but can be had today for only $16, which comes out to about $1.33 per pen instead of the usual $2+ each, this is a great deal on a really nice box of pens.  (Buy here to save about $8)


This handmade Leather refillable journal looks pretty nice and has a ton of great reviews, its MSRP of $100 seems a bit off to me, however the regular price of $25, knocked down to $19 makes it seem much more reasonable.  (Buy here to save $5)


This Chalkboard Calendar Wall Sticker is a pretty good deal, but looks really awesome.  It usually floats around $13 to $16, but can be had today for just over $10.  (Buy here to save about $4)


If you are considering the Chalkboard Calendar Wall Sticker above, you will need some pens to go with it, and these 3mm Fine Tip SuperChalks will be a good match.  The pack usually goes for just under $13 and are available on Amazon Prime day for just over $10.  (Buy here to save about $3)


Here is yet another set of Gel Ink pens, this time its a pack of 24 from a brand I’m not familiar with, but their original price was $36 which was then brought down to $20, and are now available for only $15.  (Buy here to save $5)


It’s no secret that I love all formats of the Black n’ Red brand notebook, and it looks like this is a GREAT chance to stock up on them now.  It looks like many of them are on sale, but particularly check out the larger format Poly and Hard covers that are between about $5 and $8 off their usual price, this is a great deal on some awesome notebooks. (Buy here to save up to $8, need to scroll down past the first two)


There is a fairly large selection of different packages of Uniball Signo 207 pens that are all 20% off.  It ranges from a regular 2 pack of medium points to a 12 Pack of Ultra Micro point, with everything in-between (Check here for all of them at 20% off)


You can grab a set of 24 Sharpie Ultra Fine Permanent Markers for about $18 instead of the usual $35, or you can also grab the pack of 24 fine point Sharpies for $16 instead of the (Buy here to save $3-$17 )


This pack of 8 Assorted Sharpie Clear View Highlighters is a great deal.  Their see-through clear tip lets you actually see what you highlight as you are highlighting.  They can be had for $13 as opposed to the usual $19+.  (Buy here to save $6)


Alternatively, this smaller set of 72 Ohuhu Colored Pencils that comes in a tin case is only $30 as compared to the original price of $77 (Buy here to save $47)


If its Gel Ink Pens you are after, this set of 48 is on sale for $12 vs its normal price of $17, which seems extremely cheap, so buyer beware, although they have a 4.6 out of 5 star rating with 275 reviews. (Buy here to save $5)


The Doxie Go Plus portable document scanner will normally cost you around $180, but can now be yours for only $131, other versions are also available including a Wi-fi version. (Buy here to save $59)


For you adult coloring fans or artists out there, this set of 150 Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils is $99 as compared to the regular price of $125 but you only have until about 9:30 AM Eastern or until they run out. (Buy here to save $25) This deal has ended

Thats all I’ve got for now, but keep checking here throughout the day for school and office supply deals as Amazon will be rolling out different deals all day.  Happy shopping!

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