An Effective Format For Your Article

When writing an informative article to promote your website or business, there are certain aspects of its format you need to remember in order to be successful with your endeavor. This is necessary whether you are writing the article yourself or hiring a ghostwriter to create it for you.

You should begin your article with an attention getting headline. Avoid using ‘hype’ phrases or unrelated comments just for shock value as this may cause the reader confusion. While exciting, the header must let them know what the article is going to discuss. The headline can be the single most important part of your article in the Internet environment where people are quick to click away if their interest is not caught immediately. You may re-enforce this aspect with a slightly more expressive and informative sub-header.

Keep in mind that a successful article will run between three hundred and six hundred words on average. You should structure your article to have a minimum of three paragraphs with five being an optimal number. Avoid run-on sentences. Try to never include a single sentence paragraph unless the point is crucial to your topic and is used to make a statement stand out from the rest of the article.

Your opening paragraph should explain briefly what the article is about and give them an idea of what they will learn as they read it further. From there, each paragraph should present a point, make a statement or ask a question about the subject. You will than provide an answer to that particular point. You do not have to tell your reader everything pertinent to the situation. You will want to interest them enough that they follow your link back to your website for more information.

It has been proven effective to utilize bullet points in articles to help make specific topics stand out from the rest of the body copy. This provides your reader, at a glance, the items being discussed. This process also creates a better visual amount of white space around the text so that it is easier to read on a computer screen.

You should never write your article as a sales pitch. This is not allowed on many of the article directories. The purpose of your article is to inform. You can promote the sales aspect on your website once you have lured the reader to you through good information.

The final paragraph should be used as a brief summation of all that has been discussed and re-enforce the key points. If you have made the experience an interesting and educational one for the reader, they may then read a brief bit about you in the Resource Box and click the provided link to see what else you may be able to offer them on your website.

It can help the viral spread of your article to mention at the bottom that they are welcome to reprint the article elsewhere so long as it remains unchanged an the Resource Box is included. This will help assure that your article gets the maximum possible exposure across the World Wide Web.


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