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An Ergonomic Clipboard that is Just Your Size


The Ergo CB, an Ergonomically Designed Clipboard from Jared Joyce

I’ve shared some products from inventor Jared Joyce with you before, however this ergonomic clipboard was actually the very first of his cool office supplies that I ever came across.  As with many of his other inventions, you can check out the Ergo CB on the social media product development site Quirky.com.  If you have not used Quirky before, you should check it out.  Providing your feedback on products can earn you a cut of each product sold.


The Ergo CB Product Sheet Shows how it Fits Comfortable for People of all Sizes

The great thing about the Ergo CB is that it improves upon the decades old design of the clipboard by making it much more comfortable to use with its ergonomic curves.  Each of the curves is designed to make the clipboard fit comfortably between your hand and the inside of your wrist or forearm depending on how tall you are.  With each different height measurement on the ergonomic clipboard images above, the hand and inner arm are positioned differently.  The different positions where you can grip and rest the ergonomic clipboard are based on careful measurements of people.  It factors in multiple different height ranges and the average arm lengths of people in those groups.

The most obvious benefit of the ergonomic clipboard is that it provides firm support for the user while they write on it.  It takes what was previously a flat edge resting on the curved surface of your arm and it creates contours that fit to the curves of your arm.

Like the other products from Jared Joyce, I have not yet had the opportunity to use this.  Seeing the video of it on Quirky was enough to convince me for now that this product is a game changer though.  Check out the Ergo CB on Quirky.com so you can provide your own feedback on the product development process.  In turn you will have the opportunity to be rewarded with influence points that let you earn a percent of the product’s future revenue.  Check out Jared’s Twitter and Facebook pages as well so you can stay on top of any other news about his inventions.

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