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An intriguing trip in the middle of many clocks

  • By Tinker Mcdowell
  • Published 02/20/2011
  • Poetry

In  a modern society with highly developed economy and technology, a number  of people are often on the go and functioning with a fast pace. In a  consequence, a watch or clock to a person is like water to fish.  However, imagine you are in a room full of clocks, what would you feel  like? It’s perhaps a beautiful picture, but no more than a beautiful  picture. Imagine  you are in the center of a room filled with mirrors. Seeing so many  yourselves around you, that’s really a marvellous feeling. You will find  it really funny to meet numerous yourselves at the same time and be so  close to yourself. Locating there, you will even feel like touching your  heart and soul. Nevertheless, on the other hand, if the mirrors are not  the same kind, things will get reversed. If some different Haw-haw  mirrors are also there, the largest impression on you is that it’s so  weird – not only lots of yourselves getting together, but each of  yourselves also has different size, no matter in width or length. You  may feel stress is covering you gradually and you may go to pieces at  last. The  same goes for standing in the middle of many clocks. If all of the  clocks are with precise time, you may also find it’s wonderful, looking  at them with an eye of appreciating. If you are sensitive enough, you’ll  feel that you have a responsibility for cherishing time and you must  make full use of every minute and can neither waste time nor kill time.  However, if the clocks point at different time at the same time, even if  they are quality guaranteed, you will be puzzled at least. What’s more,  you will get stressed, too. Time goes by in a blink, and as a sole  person, you are so small in the whole universe. Well, it perhaps leaves  you disappointed and makes you begin to spend time lavishly. Eventually,  you may faint and get crazy, at least giving yourself up as hopeless.   Whatever,  if you are a person with strong hope and confidence in yourself, I  believe you can take the better side of things and enjoy your trip in  the center of numerous clocks.



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