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An introduction of sports watches

  • By Jimmy H Greenberg
  • Published 12/20/2010
  • Article Writing

Watches  can be found everywhere. Watch manufacturers and designers have made  great efforts to create various kinds of watches for us, so that we can  wear watches to take part in sporting activities. I would like to  introduce three types of sporting watches to you. ROLEX—The Submariner Have you  ever heard about diver’s watch? ROLEX made the first diver’s  watch—Submariner in 1953. It is a new kind of waterproof watch which can  work under the sea up to 330 feet. The watchcase of this watch is very  strong and seamless, so water can not enter the interior. The watchcase  and watch chain are made of stainless steel in order to avoid chemical  reactions under the sea. The watch has become many divers’ favorite,  because of its unique function and cool design.CASIO—Solar Atomic Watch

CASIO  provides us with a new kind of watch. We can wear it, when we  participate in outd

oor sporting activities. CASIO solar atomic watch is  capable of receiving solar energy. The looking is cool and fashionable,  and the watch is suitable for men. When we have to stay outside for a  long period, this solar atomic watch assures us of accurate time and  constant working by receiving the solar energy.LONGINES—Admiral WatchLongines  Admiral watch draws people’s attention because of its outstanding  sporting performance. When athletes have sporting competitions all over  the world, they like to take Longines Admiral watches. Unlike other  sporting watches, Longines Admiral watch has an elegant looking. Thus,  it is also suitable for attending formal occasions.

There  are various brands and styles of sporting watches in the market. Those  watches have their own features. Therefore, when we buy sporting  watches, we should know them as much as possible. What’s more, function  is the most important factor that we should take into careful  consideration.



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