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Android credit card processing app

In today’s age of science and technology a lot of businesses are going online. In such a case the major source for conducting the business is Internet. Cell phone payment has become a popular means of making payments. Now a days almost all business establishments accept credit cards to receive payments. For this, businesses use virtual terminal processors. Basically Virtual credit card processors are free payment terminals that provide a secured interface for your business to process transactions. These processors are immovable and fixed to a payment gateway through a telephone line. In addition, it requires a computer or a laptop to process the payment.

Today more than half of the American population is using credit cards to make payments for their online and offline purchases. Hence, most of the business establishments are accepting credit cards to receive payments. And thus, make use of Virtual Credit Card Processors. 

There are many applications of Android Credit Card Processing. One of the major and most widely used application is Merchant for Android. Basically, Merchant for Android is a mobile, virtual credit card terminal that runs on any Android-powered phone. On the top of it, no special hardware is required. You have to just enter your customer’s information and charge a credit card instantly. It’s fully compatible with Merchantplus’ virtual terminal, NaviGate.

The set-up process of the app is a very easy way. You just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

1.Apply for a merchant account.2.When the account gets approved, download the Merchant for Android app directly from your phone’s application marketplace.

3.Finally , you need to begin accepting credit cards on your Android powered phone.

Merchant for Android is very important application of Android Credit Card Processing. It
has a very low one time fee. Another aspect for which it is widely acceptable is because it receives approvals instantly. It has got a very easy set-up, as mentioned above. This application is gaining importance because of the following features which it includes:

1.It receives approvals instantly, without any delay.2.It has got a simple and intuitive user- interface.3.One-time fee is very low.4.It accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.5.The transactions are sent over a secure SSL channel.6.It can process transactions anywhere. This is because it has got cellular or WiFi signal.7.It prevents you from any kind of fraud with AVS and CVV2/CVC/CID support.Therefore, because of the features mentioned above Merchant for Android is a reliable source. The most reliable feature that it possesses is that it provides you prevention from any kind of fraud. This is done with the help or support of AVS and CVV2/CVC/CID. And moreover it does not require any kind of hardware. It is fully compatible with Merchantplus’ virtual terminal, NaviGate.

So, what re you waiting for..? Go online with your Android. And reap the benefits of credit card processing with your portable credit card terminal.


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