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Android powered tablet PC

The idea of tablet PC was first originated in 1968 when a conceptual drawing of a portable computer was created. Tablet Computer is a new generation computer which is gaining popularity amongst all sections of users because of its convenience, portability and great functioning. The wireless Android tablet PCs’ are generally bigger than smart phone and smaller than notebook in size.

Android tablet PC is among the best selling Tablet computers because of various factors. Android tablet is a multi-tasking gadget, much more than the personal computer.  In the area of satisfying your requirements, Android tablet

 computers give probably the most valued features that fit your requirements and desires. You can use it to browse internet, reading e-books, emails, movies, and play games-everything you do in your PC. There is built-in Wi-Fi in the device assists to browse internet fast. This tablet PC can play almost all music formats like MP3, WMA, WAV or MPG.

The Tablet can be easily kept in a bag, without the need of carrying anything extra, as is with most laptops and computers. It is the lightest and most portable form of computer available in the market. Tablet PCs running on the Android Operating System are capturing a largest share of the Tablet market. In spite of many Operating systems’ released by competitors and every brand of Tablets operating on open resource, Android OS is in much better position.

Android OS can be created to fit with hardware components currently available in the market. Also the Android OS is completely compatible with the total Google suite – Gmail, Skype, Google Maps etc.  Every tablet PC that uses of this OS in its device will get pre-loaded with the Google application family. Also thanks to the nature of the licensing, buying and promoting Android OS produced Tablets is fully allowed. This is not the case with the operating systems developed by other companies. If you wish to use their product you would have to bear a considerable cost.

If you wish to buy tablet PC, buy one with android operating system. It brings a wholesome package for mobile devices- operating system, middleware as well as key applications. It is the first such package for mobile devices. Android operating system has multiple applications which can all run at the same time. The user can switch between them as he likes. Every application in the Android Tablet PC operating system are developed using Java. Among the Hardware resources are- telephony, location, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, etc. . The Android Tablet PC operating system can run features like interface, multitasking, abode flash, turn-by-turn navigation, as well as video chat, voice commands etc. an Android Tablet is much favored by users because of its open source nature. Android has an open market where Customers and programmers develop and publish their work and can also buy someone else’s work.

Honeycomb is the latest version of the Android operating system and is considered as a great product and competitor to other tablet pc operating systems because of its great range of functions. Therefore, next time you go to buy tablet PC, buy one powered by android.

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