Anger Management Books for Different People


Authored by Thea Tan in Mental Health
Published on 01-15-2009

Anger management is a good way of understanding anger and learning ways to change one’s behavior when confronted with the emotion. Anger management activities such as counseling and support groups are beneficial to someone willing to address anger issues. However, some people may not have the time to visit a psychologist or attend support group meetings.

That’s why there are numerous books about anger management available today. These books are inexpensive and cover a wide range of topics regarding anger. There are books that concentrate on specific age groups like young children, teenagers, and adults. In addition, there may be books that specifically target the impact of anger to families or couples. In fact, anyone willing to change his or her behavior can find an anger management book that is appropriate for his or her situation.

Anger management books for young children usually concentrate on the child’s reactions to anger. Books have lots of pictures and stories that exemplify these reactions. The stories are easy to relate to so that the child could learn from them.

Some books are not necessarily for the child but meant for the child’s caregiver. Included topics in these books are strategies in controlling a child’s anger and fun activities to help manage anger. These books can be useful for planning and implementing activities for management of anger in the child.

Teenagers are the most vulnerable of all age groups. Some of them experience identity crisis and it is during this age that they frequently experience mood swings. Anger management books for teenagers focus on these issues and also explain different situations of the teenager. These help them understand themselves better and learn. These books offer advice, strategies, and answers to some of the teenager’s concerns regarding behavior and anger.

Adults have complicated responsibilities leading to anger. Teenagers may not understand what causes their parents’ rage since they don’t face the same obligations that their parents do. If the rage of parents is not controlled, it could create insurmountable problems at home or at work. Anger management books for adults are specialized in dealing with the causes and consequences of anger issues and provide tips on how to overcome situations leading to fury.

Relationships are the most affected by anger issues if not addressed properly. There are a number of anger management books for families or couples that focus on establishing better communication. These books offer advices on handling anger issues within the family. They also provide activities that would enhance the family ties.

All of these anger management books can be found in libraries, and in local and online bookstores. You may ask your psychiatrist to recommend different books that would suit your needs. You may also search for specific titles on the Internet since it displays an array of choices, sometimes giving excerpts or information about the book.

It is now up to you to look for a book that best fits your situation and anger issues. Make sure you look for the book that will give you tips, strategies, and techniques that you can follow to change your behavior towards anger.


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