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“Animal world” series watches by chopard

  • By Donald Medrano
  • Published 01/16/2011
  • Writing

Chopard is never exhausted with creativity. To mark its 150th anniversary, it comes up with a series of extravagant and exhilarating watches. Being entitled “animal world”, this series are featured by animals like polar bear, monkey, and panda and so on. This series of watches are full of childish joy and are made of state-of-art craftsmanship. The unrivalled craftsmanship and ingenuity make the series unique and collection-worthy. Here I will introduce to you several pieces of this series of watches. First is the one featured by polar bear. Being made of platinum, the silver brilliance of it reminds one of the arctic poles where the polar bear inhabits. And what most ingenuous is a pole bear dwelling on the dial plate. The pole bear is made of diamond and is movable. Besides, there are also diamonds beset around the watch bezel and watch head. Besides, it is equipped with precise quartz movement. As to the watch band, the color of it is cool, in keeping with the overall style of the watch. And next I will make comment is the watch marked by a naughty monkey. To create an air of tropical rainforest, this piece of watch is made of rose gold, brimming with passion and wilderness. And still more notable is the monkey rest on the dial plate, which is made of diamond. In addition, the watch band is made of golden damask, in accord with the style of the watch head. And the third is the watch featured by penguin. It mainly consists of two colors: black damasked watch band and silver watch head. This sticks out its theme “penguin”. Yet the most eye-catching one is the watch featured by panda. The innocent and lovely image of the panda is held dear by many spectators. Being as well made of rose gold, it has thirty five 3.5 carats of diamond beset in the bezel and three movable diamond of 0.3 carats in the dial plate. Besides, the panda itself is made of 148 diamonds of 0.49 carats. It is just so extravagant and ingenuous of this “animal world” series by Chopard!



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