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Animation and its manifold categories

Animation is a kind of visualdelusion. It encompasses the appearance of gestures and motion caused by exhibitingstatic images one after the other. It is mainly used for entertainment purpose. Whether you are using techniques or using your hand for animation there are few principles that are essential for animation.

The formation of moving pictures in  a three dimensional digital setting is the specialty of  3D animation. This is done by sequencing  successive frames or images that encourage motion by each image. Three dimensional animation is basically used in movies, games and even everyday television. It can also be used to create live action for special effects

Different types of 3D animation:

STOP MOTION ANIMATION: here the three-dimensional characters along with their background are designed by hands. Firstly a skeleton or an armature is made by the animators by using metals.They then use clay to fashion these armatures or skeleton. These animations are usually done by either using computer generated objects, backgrounds and some special effects or they even use handicrafts. A photograph of these handmade objects are taken as they are arranged in a scene. Again these stuffs moveda little and photographed again. The position of these objects is altered post the photographed . The animators create 3D animation by using the photographic borders.

COMPUTER GENERATED IMAGERY:  you can  find CGI being used in non-animated movies. The computer graphics  also create scenes. But this may be very difficult as well as expensive to produce. There are instances wherein it is impossible to create scenes without using computer generated imagery. Here the animators build the virtual skeleton and make 3D figures over them. The digital models can be manipulated as needed for the animation. In order to make the animation look real the animators must make all the details of the physical movement accurate.

CLAYMATION: it is basically a stop motion animation. The animators use clay models in Claymation. Aluminum wire frame is used. These are then shaped with clay tools by using hand. Hardening clay is used to prevent mishandling. Post drying the models the figures are painted  according to the requirement. With the use of digital medium, nowadays the entire process to create animation has become faster and cost effective.

MOTION CAPTURE ANIMATION:the animators focus on live actions in motion capture. Usually an actor is equipped with sensory devices that check the positioning of the actor’s joint and plot the movement. The actor is then placed on an already designed character that needs to be animated. The sensory devices attached to the outfit of the actor records the motion and transfer the video-recording into the computer. These inputs are used by the computer to provide movement to the characters. This makesthis type of animation look very similar to the movements and actions seen in real life.

The latest in visual communication technology is the interactive animation. This provides a deeper sense of realism and interactive animation and visuals. It allows the users to interact with the animation by clicking on the mouse, joysticks , tracking or keyboard buttons. The communication makes  these 3D visuals enhance the experience of the audience.

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