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Anker 5 Port USB Charger Review


Anker 5 Port USB Charger Plugged In

It wasn’t until recently that I became such a fan of the Anker line of accessories for your electronic devices.  First it was their 15000 mAh Backup Charger, then their Adjustable Tablet Stand, and now its their awesome little 5 Port USB Wall Charger (via Amazon).


Anker 5 Port USB Charger Size Comparison

With a footprint just slightly larger than your standard credit card, and a thickness of only about one inch, the Anker 5 Port USB charger is very compact and can help keep your desk more organized and all of your devices fully powered.  One of the nice things about this that you probably don’t instantly pick up on from the photos is that it is devoid of any and all status/LED lights.  Personally I like this because this is the kind of item that I just want to plug in and keep out of sight, so extra blinking lights would just be a distraction.


Anker 5 Port USB Charger Technical Specs

A quick look at the back of the Anker 5 Port USB charger details the 40W and 5 Volt 8 Amp output.  I’ve used this to charge my Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy S5 (which is USB 3.0), Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet, Anker 15000 mAh backup battery and even an old work Blackberry, all with no troubles whatsoever.


Anker 5 Port USB Charger and Box Front View

A view of the front of the Anker  Port USB charger shows off the 5 ports and also the small “IQ” sticker on the front of the box which I’ll explain.  Essentially this is Anker’s “PowerIQ” technology that identifies the connected device and guarantees the fastest charge for each different device.  I can speak for my new Samsung Galaxy S5 and older Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 when I say that the device definitely delivers the maximum charge to each of them.  On other lesser chargers I get a warning message when connected to tell me that the connected chargers aren’t delivering the maximum power, not the case with the Anker 5 Port USB charger.  That also goes for when both devices are connected to the device at the same time, which is excellent.


Cordies With Cables and the Anker 5 Port USB Charger are a Perfect Match

If you heeded our advice and grabbed one of the Cordies Cable Organiers (via Quirky) that that we reviewed recently, you would have a great additional accessory to go along with the Anker 5 Port USB charger.  You can see that dead center on the base of my monitor stand the Quirky Cordies is there holding all of the unplugged ends of the USB cables for my devices, and the Anker device is nowhere to be seen.  I’ve actually mounted it to the back of my desk so just the cables come up onto the desk and are held in place with the Cordies.


USB Charger and Other Products Including the Quirky Cordie

By itself, the Anker 5 Port USB Charger is an awesome device for de-cluttering your desk and keeping everything properly charged, but throw in the Quirky Cordies and its a fantastic solution for cable management and charging.  You can also see my other two Anker items in this picture, which are the tablet stand that the tablet is resting in, and the backup charger which is plugged in and charging on the base of my second monitor.  Overall I couldn’t be happier with the convenience and quality from all of these newly discovered Anker products.

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