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Anker Accessories


Normally when I buy some new USB cables, the thought of writing about them here never even crosses my mind, but leave it to Anker to find a way of making even lowly boring USB cables fun and exciting.  The Anker Braided USB Cables (via Amazon) are not the only braided USB cables out there, but the presentation and packaging are outstanding, and as a pen person, the packaging also makes for a great additional accessory.  Just as a side note one of the four … [Read more…]


I feel like I’ve posted a lot about Anker products and accessories lately, and thats probably for good reason.  It seems that every time I find myself in need of some sort of technology accessory, they have one of the best products out there in terms of features and design. This Anker USB 3.0 7 Port Hub with 20W (4A) Power Adapter (via Amazon) is yet another fine product in their line of great computer accessories. … [Read more…]


I’ve spent so much time trying to perfect the set up for my Anker 5 port USB charger (see our review here) that it totally got past me that Anker has their own solution that was staring me right in the face and I didn’t even notice it.  The Anker 5 Device Charging Station (via Amazon) has a space in it to hide their 5 port USB charger and the wires for a nice clean desk set up.  Lesson learned, before going the DIY route, do a little research.  Anyway, … [Read more…]


It wasn’t until recently that I became such a fan of the Anker line of accessories for your electronic devices.  First it was their 15000 mAh Backup Charger, then their Adjustable Tablet Stand, and now its their awesome little 5 Port USB Wall Charger (via Amazon). … [Read more…]


Back during Hurricane Sandy I was without a backup battery for my phone and tablet, which I realized was a huge mistake.  Ever since that day I’ve been sure to have a backup in place, and I recently upgraded to this 15000 mAh Anker Astro E5 External Backup Battery which I grabbed on Amaon for a pretty reasonable price.  Although I picked up the black version, there is a white version available as well.  Imagine being able to recharge your smart phone 5-6 … [Read more…]


The other day when I was shopping online for an external battery for my tablet, the suggestions by Amazon led me to a pretty nice little portable aluminum tablet stand.  At just under $10, I was a little skeptical, but at that price I was also pretty open to giving it a shot just to see. … [Read more…]

Last updated by Brian Greene at March 31, 2016.


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