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Anker Astro E5 External Backup Battery 15000 mAh


Anker Astro E5 External Backup Battery with Cable

Back during Hurricane Sandy I was without a backup battery for my phone and tablet, which I realized was a huge mistake.  Ever since that day I’ve been sure to have a backup in place, and I recently upgraded to this 15000 mAh Anker Astro E5 External Backup Battery which I grabbed on Amaon for a pretty reasonable price.  Although I picked up the black version, there is a white version available as well.  Imagine being able to recharge your smart phone 5-6 times even in the event of a total loss of power, this thing is a MUST have in my opinion.


Anker Astro E5 External Backup Battery Box

I’m sure I don’t need to explain the inconvenience and potentially life threatening results of not having a phone or other important electronic devices fully powered up, and so far this Anker Astro E5 external backup battery is the best I’ve found.  At 15,000 mAh, it had enough capacity to charge my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 tablet almost two times from a battery that was close to only 4% full.  The individual full charge from 4% took just about 8.5 hours.


Anker Astro E5 External Backup Battery Box LED On

There are two USB ports on the front of the Anker Astro E5 External Backup Battery, as well as one pretty bright LED flashlight.  The flashlight takes two taps of the silver button you see on the top of the device to turn it on.  The two USB ports on the front of the device can charge your electronics simultaneously, however the 1 amp port on the right is the only one that can charge the Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  The other port is a 2 amp outlet that can charge a phone or other devices, but it will not charge the tablet.


Anker Astro E5 and Galaxy S3

The Anker Astro E5 measures about 4.75 inches long by 3 inches wide and .75 inches thick.  For a comparison I’ve photographed it next to my Samsung Galaxy S3 so you can have an idea of how compact it really is.  I was actually able to fit it nicely in the small front zipper pocket of my Tumi Alpha Bravo Pinckney bag.


Anker Astro E5 External Backup Battery Power Port

One last thing to note is that the way that you charge up the Anker Astro E5 External Backup battery is via a micro USB that plugs into the side that you see here.  In order to do this though, you will need to buy a USB to Wall Outlet adapter because it comes with the USB cable but thats it.  Like I said, this is one of those items that you might not NEED on a regular basis, but its a great emergency item that you will be thankful that you bought.

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