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Annual 2013 Top Ten List of Popular Reviews

Each year we put together our Annual top ten list of popular reviews to give you an idea what people found the most interesting for the year.  This list is based on the stats that we have from our Google Analytics account.  No cheating, start at 10 and work your way down, don’t ruin the surprise for yourself.  There are two different top 10 lists:

-The first list is of the top 10 most popular posts regardless of when they were posted.

-The second list is the list of the top 10 most popular posts that were posted in 2013.

First we have the Annual 2013 Top Ten List of reviews that were posted at any time in the history of our site:

10.  Review of the Lamy Safari, one of our oldest reviews, the pictures are horrible but this speaks to what a popular pen this is.


9.  The Uniball Kuru Toga review that we did quickly identified a favorite among mechanical pencil users because of its unique lead rotation feature that keeps the point sharp at all times and helps to resist breaking.


8.  The Saddleback Leather Briefcase review is something that we still get questions about.  Its an expensive item, but well worth the cost because its not only a great looking bag, but its build quality is superior to most items.


7.  One of my favorite notebooks is the Black n’ Red brand and apparently a lot of other people like them too because our Black n’ Red notebook review consistently comes shows up on our annual list of top reviews.


6.  The Post-it Weekly Planner is a pretty cool and practical item that comes from a highly respected brand, so its no surprise that it shows up in searches so frequently.


5.  The Jumbo Binder Clip is an item that I’ve watched go in and out of stock over the years, and it seems as if there has been some rotation in manufacturers that actually make these.  Very popular item nonetheless though.


4.  Everyone seems to love the concept of a notebook with ruled and gridded paper, so this durable and heavy duty Doane Paper Idea Journal is a great option that people do a lot of searching for.


3.  The Sharpie Liquid Pencil review seems to live in infamy.  Its popularity is mostly driven by those that buy one of these and quickly turn to the internet to try and figure out if they got a faulty pen.  Sadly it just turns out that they are a pretty poor performer in general.


2.  The Moleskine Professional Series Project Planner is another sub-par item that people tend to do a lot of searching for.  Hopefully our review stopped some people from spending their hard earned money on this lackluster product.


1.  And the most popular post for all of 2013 was our comparison of the Staples Arc system with the Levenger Circa notebook.  This makes sense as this is a popular but unique note system and the price points are pretty different so people tend to look for reasons as to why.


Next we have the Annual 2013 Top Ten List of reviews that were new posts in 2013:

10.  Being the replacement for my Saddleback Leather Bag probably got this Tumi Alpha Bravo bag the attention it needed in order to make it into the top 10.


9.  The Retrakt by Karas Kustoms was a popular pen at its launch, and now that they have been launching new models, its definitely driven a lot of searches to find out more about their awesome pens.


8.  I was hesitant to include this post because its for an item that doesn’t exist yet, but the SMS eMail Fountain Pen remains a pretty popular concept, so I thought it deserved the mention.

7.  The Pilot Metropolitan is a great starter fountain pen for its ease of use, great looks, and great writing style.  No surprise to find it was one of the most popular reviews this year.


6.  Not really a review here, but apparently people were pretty entertained to see that billionaire Elon Musk of Tesla and PayPal fame uses a $250 desk from IKEA.


5.  The Martha Stewart and Avery / Staples brand disc bound notebooks made a big splash, no surprise there as Ms. Stewart is kind of a recognizable name that creates a stir regardless of what she does.


4.  The new line of Uniball Jetstream BLX pens with a combination of different multi color black inks were a popular release, so no surprise to see them show up on the list this high.


3.  Again, not a product review, but I think this is a feature that people liked seeing so expect more of these from people other than myself in 2014.  It is the “Whats on their Desk” series that looked at everything on my desk at work.


2.  Everyone’s favorite Pen Blogger Brad from The Pen Addict launched his own Kickstarter project for his Nock Co. pen cases and with his reputation for being an all round great guy and pen expert there was a ton of attention and interest in his new products.  If you missed out on the Kickstarter project, they will eventually be selling them directly on the Nock Co. Website.


1.  Our most popular 2013 review was this Titanium Pen and Stylus that takes a ton of different refills.  Again, another Kickstarter pen project, but they were pretty awesome pens and I still use mine today.


That wraps up our Annual 2013 top ten list of most popular reviews.  Thanks to all of you that came to read these reviews and also to those that provided review samples of these products for us to check out.  Looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings for new and cool office supplies and reviews.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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