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Another Chance to Influence Some of Your Favorite Office Supplies


Refillable Aluminum Highlighters in a Dual Purpose Carrying Case and Stand

During the course of 2010, we shared some great ideas for office supplies by inventor Jared Joyce that were in competition on Quirky.com to win the chance to be developed through their unique social product development cycle.  Unfortunately some of the office supply products were not successful in the first round of voting so they never became products that made it to the design, development, and sales phase where you can participate more and even earn some cash with your input.  Jared has decided to resubmit some of the office supply ideas that got the most votes, but just missed winning their respective rounds.  The products will be competing head to head against each other, but I thought this would be a great chance to go back and give some support to your favorite of this great bunch of office supply products to see if we can help influence them to get produced and sold.


Refillable Aluminum Highlighter Parts

First up are the aluminum refillable highlighters that have color coordinated bodies to match their ink color.  Personally these were by far my favorite of the bunch, maybe that’s why I also posted a photo of them for the intro to this post as well, but don’t let me influence you…too much. 😉  One of the things I really like about this product idea besides the cool design was the idea that someone mentioned on the original posting that these could also work as permanent markers or dry erase markers as well.  I think that would be awesome to have one set of nice durable aluminum pen bodies that can be swapped out with different options like that, and think there would be a huge market for something like this.  (Vote Here)


Step by step, the Stitch-it automatic stapless stapler fastens your papers together

Next up is the Stitch-it automatic stapless stapler.  This product really takes a different approach to the age-old task of stapling things.  At first glance you might not even recognize this product as a stapler, but I think that is part of what gives it such a cool and unique feel.  The Stitch-it has a 90 degree opening that easily lets you feed a small stack of papers into and then slices and manipulates a small section of the corner of the paper to bind it all together.  Besides just looking cool and binding your papers together in a new way, the other not-so obvious benefit is that you wont ever find yourself saying “Oh, I’m out of staples” with this product.  Check it out and vote for it here.  (Vote Here)


The Ergo CB, an Ergonomically Designed Clipboard from Jared Joyce

The third product that you can consider voting for again is the Ergo-CB which is an ergonomic clipboard that changes an office supply product that I honestly don’t think has seen a significant redesign in it’s entire life.  The unique curves that you see on the top and sides of the clipboard may just look decorative, however there was careful consideration as to their size, shape, and location.  Each curve is designed so that people of different heights (and correspondingly different arm lengths) can easily hold the clipboard in a more stable and easier to write on position as compared to a regular rectangular clipboard.  (Vote Here)

The fourth product that you might want to give some additional consideration to is the Pull-and-Pop paper clip dispenser.  This one might not look as familiar to you if you, but that is because Jared has actually updated the design a bit, and I think for the better.  Check out the video above for a good animation of how it looks, and how the paper clips are dispensed.  (Vote Here)


The Business Card Holder and Display Case

The last office supply product that you can give a second chance to is the combination business card holder and display.  The unique folding design allows you to put this on your desk so people can grab a card if they would like one, but it also lets you fold it up and stick it in your pocket so you can travel with them and easily hand them out when required.  I like the smooth and rounded corners as opposed to some of the other card cases I’ve seen that have sharp edges, those are never comfortable in your pockets.  (Vote Here)

As always, you can keep up with @Jared_Joyce on twitter, or check out Jared’s Facebook page for information on even more of his inventions and Quirky submissions.

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