Anxiety Disorder What Can The Family Do?


Authored by Rodney Southern in Mental Health
Published on 11-12-2008

Trying to find a solution for anxiety disorder is like throwing darts while blindfolded to someone that is suffering from it. This is a disorder that takes over a person’s life if not controlled, and is not easily handled without support from family or friends. To the person that suffers from anxiety disorder, solutions are very tough to come by. Sometimes it takes encouragement from someone close to even get them to try a new solution.

People that suffer from anxiety disorder are longtime sufferers by definition. Anxiety disorder is when a person suffers from anxiety over a long period of time. This is also called chronic anxiety. It is not your every day anxiety, either. It is terrifying panic attacks, sometimes coupled with crippling disabilities such as agoraphobia, or other similar anxiety related disorders. This longtime suffering often results in depression and a feeling of hopelessness. If you have a loved one that suffers from anxiety disorder, it is very important that you know some basic truths.

First, the person that suffers from anxiety disorder can no more control it than a person that has cancer can control the spreading of it. Though there are a number of medicines, techniques, and sometimes even cures out there for anxiety disorder, no single solution works for every sufferer of anxiety disorder. Sometimes it takes a lifetime to find the right combination for anxiety.

When you consider the difficulties inherent to anxiety disorder, one can only expect that the role of family and friends will be large in solving it. The sufferer becomes quite beaten down over the years of fighting the disorder, and will often give up hope of a cure. It is very difficult to face terrifying panic attacks daily and not be able to find a solution to it right away. For this reason, family needs to keep them hopeful and help them to seek solutions.

If one with anxiety disorder continues to fight their way through the list of possible solutions and even try them in different combinations, they will eventually be able to get a handle on anxiety disorder. Though the disorder is one of the tougher roads for a family to travel, and tougher still for a friend, the need for compassion is even more marked the longer one suffers. Never give up on a person that has anxiety disorder, as they are in need of your support more than the average person.

Anxiety disorder is a nightmare to live through. It is a constant feeling of panic, dread, and impending doom for those that suffer with it severely. Remember that when the disorder seems as though it is particularly bad, and even unrealistic. The fear is very real and they need your help. Commit to helping your loved one find the cure that works for them, no matter how many times you have to try. The commitment you make may just save their self confidence, and their life along the way.


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