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Appoint an Attorney to Alter the Outcome of DUI Case

DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol can be a very serious offense in Las Vegas. According to the laws of Nevada, DUI does not only focus on drunk driving but also the influence of other drugs while driving. These drugs can be recreational drugs, prescription drugs, controlled substances, marijuana or illegal drugs like meth, cocaine or inhalants. A DUI conviction can be brought against a person who has blood alcohol content (BAC) above the legal limit of .08%. You can also be prosecuted if your BAC is under .08%, but if you are under the influence of drugs to an extent that it renders you unable to safely operate a vehicle.

Under the laws of Las Vegas, you cannot decline to provide a sample of your breath or blood if you are arrested for DUI. For the instance of your first offense, the police may give you an option to take a breath test using the breath analyzer, or a blood test by drawing your blood. However, for second or consequent offenses, you will no longer have the option to choose the test. The police may even use force to obtain evidence against you in a DUI case. When it is obligatory for you to take the test, it is best to consult an attorney. Based on the legal strategy, your DUI attorney can suggest the better test for you to take.

A DUI arrest comes with the risk of a jail term, heavy fines and loss of driving license. Las Vegas DUI laws are among the strictest ones in USA. A Las Vegas DUI arrest results in the filing of two cases – a criminal DUI case and a civil case filed by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). While the criminal case has the risk of jail term and fines, the civil case seeks to suspend your driver’s license.

It is extremely important to take advice from an experienced Las Vegas DUI defense attorney to handle your case. An experienced DUI attorney Las Vegas can not only help reduce the stress that a DUI arrest can cause you, but can also influence the outcome of your case. An attorney can challenge the validity of tests and fight in the court to get the charges dismissed, reduced or into a changed form of DUI. It is always a correct decision to go for professional advice, as an experienced DUI attorney will help you to protect your rights and make every effort to win your case.

About the Author-

Rob Baptist is a lawyer and has defended many DUI cases still now. The outcome of DUI case can be extremely serious. However, in his online blogs he has mentioned that experienced DUI attorney Las Vegas is able to alter the outcome in favor of his or her client.


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