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Appointed Mini Jotters

I picked up these Appointed Mini Jotters (via Huckberry) back in early October simply because I liked the looks of their linen covers in a fairly subdued range of black, grey, and blue colors.  Sometimes impulse purchases based purely on the visual first impression work out, other times…not so much.


The linen book cloth like cover of the Appointed Mini Jotters have a great look and feel to them.  The set comes with three notebooks that are charcoal, light grey, and light blue in color.  Each of the three colors have a slightly faded or washed out look to them, with a demure gold stamp for the logo and branding on the front and back.  The notebooks contain 40 blank pages inside that are held together by two staples in the spine of each.


Here is a quick look at the back of the branding on the Appointed Mini Jotters, which is where I first realized that their website is actually Appntd.com and not the word appointed fully spelled out.  One thing I didn’t mention about the covers is that they are a hevy stock, btu still very flexible card stock that measures 4.25 inches by 5 inches.

Appointed Mini Jotter Writing Samples:


Once I took pen to paper in the Appointed Mini Jotters, I was initially impressed with the way the paper handled each of the inks I put down on it.  Each ink ran out of the pen smoothly without any noticeable feathering or spreading to be seen, even with the Rohrer and Klinger Scabiosa fountain pen ink I tried out on it.  In addition to the fountain pen ink, I had pretty good luck with the Pilot Precise V5, the Uniball Signo 307, the Uniball Air, Uniball Jetstream, and a medium point Sharpie pen.


As you can see from the above scan, my enthusiasm over the paper in the Appointed Mini Jotters quickly fell off after seeing how much see through was visible on the back of the page I tested these inks on.  The weakest of the offenders was the Uniball Jetstream, but all of the other pens I tested had glaring displays of show through on the backside of the paper.  I’m not sure if its just me but I generally find this experience to be exceptionally wasteful especially at the cost associated with these journals.  If you are so inclined though, these Appointed Mini Jotters are sold out over at the  Appointed Huckberry Store  where they tend to be less expensive, but can be found at a slightly higher price directly at  Appntd.com.

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