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April 2015 JetPens Gift Card Winner and a Great Deal on Large Black n Red Notebooks


It seems like Amazon might be cycling through great deals on different formats of the classic and great quality Black n Red notebooks.  This time the Large 11.75″ x 8.25″ case bound version is on sale via Amazon for only $6.99 instead of the $13.00+ that you will usually find it for elsewhere.  They previously had a similar deal on the smaller version of this notebook which we shared previously, but that one has now returned to its full price, so grab a few of these before its too late.  Black n Red notebooks are usually a great value anyway, but at about half price, you really can’t beat this deal.  The only small hurdle is hitting the free shipping limit for Amazon, but if you want to stock up for a while you can hit that limit easily with a few of these awesome notebooks.  I’ve got a few in my Amazon shopping cart as I type this because I personally feel you can never have enough of these.


Our $25 JetPens gift card winner is Karl Knutson, so if that’s you, just leave a comment on this post to let everyone know you are claiming your prize, and send us an email via the contact us page so we can get you your gift card ASAP.

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