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April 2017 Giveaway Winner and LEGO Stationery


Today we have the winner of our twice monthly giveaway to share, but as always there is yet another pretty awesome item I wanted to share first.  I never knew that Lego had its own line of stationery products, but apparently they have been around for over a year now.  I grabbed a few items myself to review, but if you don’t want to wait for a review and are just excited about their existence like I was you can see all the different pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks and more available here via Amazon.


This month’s winner will be receiving a brand new limited edition Baron Fig Confidant Metamorphosis edition.  You can get a closer look at it right here from when we did our first look at one. Even better news, for Alberta Leone who is this month’s winner!  If you are Alberta Leone then just reply to the email we sent everyone this morning, or use the About/Contact link below to get in touch so we can send you your new notebook!

Thanks as always to everyone for checking out he site, and if you haven’t signed up for these monthly giveaways, the link to do so is right here!

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