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Are Big Ticket Items for Everyone?

  • By Andrew James
  • Published 03/23/2008
  • Article Writing

As an online marketer you are always looking for fresh new products to promote. One of the fastest ways to acquire new products is to purchase Big Ticket Items with Private Label Rights (PLR). PLR Big Ticket Items usually start at around $147 for a range of 5 to 10 e-products that have not been previously released on the internet. PLR Big Ticket Items provide you with a wide range of options in order for you to grow your online business, but are they really worth it? Consider the Positives: With PLR Big Ticket Items you buy an instant “business in a box” solution. This requires you to do no work on creating the product, and in addition these big ticket items typically come with a web site, professional sales pages and graphic images. You receive a number of products that you can resell immediately after setting up your payment processor. All that remains is for you to market your products. If you have an existing mailing list centered around your niche products, your financial outlay to purchase the PLR big ticket items can be viewed as an investment in which you can immediately make significant gains. Further, with PLR content you typically have the right to use and repackage the content in any way that you can – depending on the rights and restrictions that come with the package when you purchase. This provides you with a lot of flexibility when offering your product to end users. For instance, you may brand the products with your own (or affiliates) name and website. Although you cannot claim copyright to the product, by repackaging it with other PLR products you may be able to create a whole new product with a higher perceived value. Consider the Negatives: Although you purchased the products with the right to do anything with the content, you do not own the copyright. Even if you are encouraged to put your name on the product, you are unable to copyright it unless you make significant changes to the product itself, so that it becomes quite unlike the original product. Another factor that you need to consider is that a limited number of other marketers will also possess the same PLR Big Ticket Items. This amounts to a small amount of competition. There is also likely to be restrictions on the sale and use of the products. These are usually introduced to preserve the long-term value of the product in the marketplace. While this limits your marketing methods, it also stops other marketers from introducing too much competition and reducing the overall value of the product in the market place.

As the PLR products are introduced into the marketplace, some mar

keters may purchase products with Master Resell Rights, so you will be competing with a higher number of marketers than the original “limited” number who purchased the products with Private Label Rights. Your Strategy: Now that you know the benefits and risks of purchasing PLR Big Ticket Items, let’s look at your strategy for acquiring the products. 1. Are the products in your niche? Don’t even consider purchasing the products if you think that you will be unable to resell them, or if you don’t plan to use them. 2. What level of Rights do you need in your business? Do you need to own Private Label Rights for what you want to do with the products, or can you purchase them individually from other marketers with Master Resell Rights? 3. Understand the restrictions. You may be attracted by the ability to own content that you can do anything with, but check out the things that you can’t do. For example, some common restrictions are that you are unable to resell the item on auction sites, or you must meet a certain price criteria. 4. Is the price affordable? Don’t rack up credit card debt in order to get the products. Spend wisely! 5.What is your expected rate of return on your investment? If you are spending $147 (or more) to purchase PLR Big Ticket Items, when do you expect to get that money back? How much profit do you expect to make once you’ve paid off the initial investment? 6. How do you plan to market the products? A marketing plan is essential to knowing how to make money from any product that you promote. If you are purchasing PLR Big Ticket Items then it is important to consider how to market each item prior to purchase. 7. Can you include the products in Membership Sites? 8. Do some keyword research. Are the products as popular as the owners claim them to be? 9. Will you add value to your website, your customers and your affiliates if you purchase the PLR big ticket items? 10. Can you give the products away for free? If so, consider that the market may become flooded with the same products in the next 3 months by other marketers using this approach to gain subscribers Are PLR Big Ticket Items for Everyone? Using your strategy, you will need to determine whether purchasing the PLR Big Ticket Items will enhance your business model and make it attractive. Beware of being caught up in a buying frenzy in order to claim the ‘latest to market’ products, especially if you have no plan to market them.

However if you carefully consider your strategy then purchasing PLR Big Ticket Items can provide you with some heavy hitting products and tools that can seriously boost your online income, without the enormous time and effort required to create your own products.



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