Are Hostels in Europe Still Safe?


Authored by Michelle Fairbrother in Accommodation 
Published on 10-03-2009

Anyone who has seen the movie Hostel probably has a few issues about going to a hostel themselves and to no surprise. But what about in real life – are hostels in Europe actually safe? Traveling is a beloved hobby of many. People love to travel around and see different sights. They like to take in all these unique and wonderful experiences. Hostels are for the most part a wonderful form of lodging because they are readily available and typically quite affordable.

Especially for backpacking students or people who are otherwise trying to save money, hostels are the perfect option. But of course travelers want to ensure their own safety and make sure that they are making the right decisions on their travels. Safety always comes first.

One of the best tips for people who are planning to do some traveling and possibly stay in hostels is to read reviews. Having access to the Internet is a great thing because reviews are easily found online. These reviews offer detailed information and firsthand advice on which hostels are worth staying at and which should be avoided.

Even just reading through the comments that past guests have left on different hostel booking websites will be incredibly helpful. This allows travelers to get a much better idea on which hostels they should be planning their adventures around.

It is also important to bring along security devices. Having locks for luggage bags is extra important to protect valuables and identification. Make sure to have something that could be used as a weapon if need be. Of course no one wants to plan for the worst, especially when they are trying to globetrot and have a great time. But as the saying goes, it is always better to have something and not need it than need it and not have it.

After making the decision on which hostels to stay at, contact them and get all the important information. Take down their address, phone number, and a few names of head employees working there. This information should be given to a loved one at home who will be able to contact the authorities if anything does go wrong or they are unable to gain contact.

Different rules exist from one hostel to the next, and these will be offered by the hotel supervisor. In terms of the facilities that are available in hostels the details will vary depending on the particular lodging, but the basics usually remain the same. Hostels typically will offer private rooms as well as dormitories. There are always a lot of people in and around hostels so they are not for the shy or those who want to have it dead quiet at night. Hostel guests often do a lot of socializing and meet up with different travelers and tell stories in the lounges or game rooms of the hostels.

People need to realize that being prepared does not mean being paranoid and that it is going to help them to sleep better at night on their travels. Hostels have been given a bad name, but there are still many great hostel lodgings in Europe and other areas of the world as well which are safe and sanitary to stay at.


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