Are There Grants Out There For Writers?

A good writer usually looks for two things while waiting for their big break money and their next meal. Both usually come from a parent or significant other, but there are ways for writers to make a few dollars until that phone rings and the contract is offered. One is to take freelance gigs, but there seems to be about 1000 writers forwarding their resumes for every one ad that is posted. Another way is for the writer to seek out free money or a grant. Yes there are actually organizations out there that will believe in our craft enough to throw a few bucks at us and say, “write away”. Writing grants may be hard to come by, but they are out there if one seeks hard enough.

The first place to search for a grant if you are a writer is the Internet. Weaved into this wonderful web of ours are a slew of sites where one can set up an account and apply for grants. While some sites will give you an online application others may just inform you of the proper address to seek more information or a link to a site with the actual grant or grants. These sites may have an email address where you can submit a cover letter stating what type of grant you are seeking, what you plan to do with the grant and why you want to have this grant. Try to sell yourself here, money is tight these days and if an intuition is going to give you a grant you’ll more than likely have to elaborate to get them to bite.

Inquiring with the state you live in may be another option to finding a grant. There are many state organizations that seek writers, where do you think all there pamphlets and billboards come from? You can check with state officials or even state colleges to find out more about the possible grants available to writers. You may also put together a proposal for another state and try and sell them on how your article or stories may aid their state.

The main sources of most grants are handed down from the government. The government gives away numerous grants each year. Grants from helping the needy to collecting geese droppings for research are out there just do your research. If somebody can walk around the park with a plastic baggie and a poker in hand, a good writer can scoop one up too.

Grants are definitely out there so do your homework and watch out because there are just as many scammers out there as well. Whether checking with a private organization, state or government you should have success finding the grant right for you. Don’t expect to receive money to retire on or to have it overnighted to you, it may take some time. Remember to be prepared to have an actual agenda planned when seeking a grant, unfortunately there are no grants out there for those looking to sit in their underwear and review talks shows.


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