Are Ultraviolet Tattoos For You?


Authored by Emeka Justice in Body Arts
Published on 03-14-2009

Ultraviolet tattoos are invisible to the naked eye in regular light and only become visible under a black light. Ultraviolet tattoos are popular among party goers who frequent clubs and will have the opportunity to show off these invisible tattoos. The UV ink used for these tattoos will show up as different colors under a black light.

Some tattoo artists won’t use UV ink because it comes with a few safety concerns. Some people who have gotten ultraviolet tattoos have been reported to have developed skin irritations. Blisters and infections have also been reported from the use of UV ink. Cancer has been a concern about causing cancer as well.

Because of these health risks that are associated with UV ink, many tattoo artists have opted not to use it. The FDA has no regulations on tattoo inks. Therefore, if someone does get a serious reaction, the tattoo artist could be held responsible for some of the medical bills incurred by that person. Most tattoo shops will have a client sign a waiver to avoid these kinds of situations. If you are thinking about getting an ultraviolet tattoo, do some research and make sure this is what you really want to do and if it is worth the chance of having a terrible reaction or maybe even cancer.

Don’t listen to those who swear that UV ink is safe. The FDA has not approved UV ink for use in humans, but only in the fishing industries and agriculture. There are hose tattoo artists who feel that if phosphorus is removed from UV ink then it is rendered safe for humans. There have been no official reports that the removal of phosphorus in UV ink makes it safer to use. Some people who have gotten ultraviolet tattoos have been reported to have yellowing skin and fading around the sight of the tattoo.

If you do decide that you want an ultraviolet tattoo, you need to keep in mind that having an ultraviolet tattoo done is going to take a little longer than a normal tattoo. The ink is thin and harder to apply. At the same time, the artist has to keep putting the tattoo under a black light to see if it is going on well and looks like he wants to.

Ultraviolet tattoos became popular in the nineties when raves were the ‘in thing’ and party goers were into finding ways to express themselves. These kinds of tattoo were perfect because they could only be seen in the black lights at the cub. The rave partier could go back to work in the office the next day and not worry about the boss and their coworkers knowing they have a tattoo.

You should really think twice about getting an ultraviolet tattoo. Why would you want to spend your hard earned money on a tattoo that is only visible under a black light and carries with it possible health risks? The choice is yours, but getting a tattoo is something you’ll have for life so you need to make sure that an ultraviolet tattoo is what you want before you get one. Remember that you can’t take it back and get a refund.


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