Arm Exercises Without Weights


Authored by Andy Chasse’ in Exercise
Published on 07-08-2009

Summertime is here and vacations are aplenty – but what happens to that precious gym time? Obviously, progression halts and regression actually begins. All of those hard-earned results are down the drain and through the garbage disposal like a piece of bad chicken.

Don’t take that too seriously. There are a number of methods that may be easily utilized to maintain strength and size throughout the entire body. To simplify the subject just a little, this article will only focus on exercises specific to the arm region. This arm region includes the biceps, triceps, and forearms. Each of these muscle groups are heavily responsible for elbow movement. This fact makes it extremely easy to find an outlet or two that may be used to simulate the gym without actually appearing in the gym. Follow the two suggestions below and you won’t ever be without a workout, regardless of the equipment available.

1. Resistance Bands. This exercise equipment supplement consists of a giant stretchy band that may be used to simulate a variety of important movements. These bands may be found in a number of different colors and sizes. These colors and sizes represent the tension, or difficulty, that the band provides. It is definitely beneficial to own a number of colors and sizes to allow for all sorts of different exercises. In addition, these resistance bands fold up easily and take up a very small space in a suitcase! Below you will find a couple of arm exercises to get you started.

  • Pushdowns. The cable triceps pushdown may easily be simulated with the use of a resistance band. Simply find something stable that is a fair distance above the head and latch the band right onto it. Grip the bottom of the band and push down just as done with a cable machine.
  • Curls. Similar to the pushdowns, curls are also a very easy movement that may be performed with bands. Latch the bottom of the band onto something stable slightly below your waist. Grip the top end and proceed to curl it towards the body.

2. Bodyweight Exercise. Get familiar with this route if you want a serious alternative to the gym, and even equipment in general. Bodyweight exercise uses absolutely no equipment whatsoever. This category consists of a specific set of movements that are commonly performed in daily life. A few of these include the push, pull, squat, and step. Each of these may be performed with ease almost anywhere you may find yourself. However, we’re only going to take a look at the push and pull as they are specific to the arm region.

  • Push. This title encompasses all pushing or pressing movements. While the most common equipment version of the push is the bench press, the well-known bodyweight push is the push-up. Standard push-ups too easy? Increase the difficulty of the movement by adding a pause at the bottom, moving the hands further apart, or raising the legs onto a box or bench. The push targets the triceps, shoulders, and chest.
  • Pull. The pull is the exact opposite of the push. It refers to any movement in which you pull either something towards the body or pull the body towards something. As far as bodyweight exercise is concerned, pull-ups and inverted rows dominate this category. Traditional pull-ups are often plenty tough for the average recreational lifter so there’s not much need to elaborate on them. However, inverted rows are a movement that few are familiar with. Lay flat on the ground directly below something stable that you may grip. This something stable may be a very low tree branch or even a dining room table. Be creative and you are sure to find something. Take your grip and proceed to pull your body towards it. This movement targets the biceps, forearms, and upper back.

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