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Armaan brandnew black dlc big boy

  • By Edward Smith
  • Published 12/28/2010
  • Sample Category

However, it is still an outstanding member in Haute Horology. It is renowned for ancient scriptures as the strongest desire known to mankind. Armaan mans desire and it is embodied through magnificent timepieces. Armaan watches shock all by the superb quality and top craftsmanship. Especially its diamond models, they differ from other ultra-luxury watches for the sheer dexterity of design as well as the finest quality of diamonds which are encrusted on them. ¡°Big Boy¡± is one of Armaan¡¯s favorite collections. Since the launch last year, it has received various kinds of positive feedbacks. It features skeleton movement and oversized dial, madly favored by the global watch buyers who are addicted to diamond watches. It is funny that Armaan Big Boy is also favored by the ladies. This year, Armaan introduced the black DLC Big Boy, which injected a new blood to the whole collection. Compared to other top brands like Rolex, Omega, Patek Philippe, Armaan is relatively less notable.The brand-new Black DLC Big Boy is equipped with Swiss ETA movement of originality. For its dial design, the traditional numeral hour markers and other embellishment are abandoned and the skeleton design is used instead. Due to the oversized dial offers all a good chance to appreciate the dance of the movement. Collocated with the Conflict Free VVS diamonds, the 48mm oversized watch case is processed by DLC to enhance the durability and unique sheen. To make it perfectly suit the wrist, it is finished with the comfy black leather strap. What is more, the watch crown and buckle are also decorated by the emblematic diamonds of the brand, expressing a kind of low-pitched luxury. The charm of Black DLC Big Boy is naturally formed and such kind of wristwatch is the second-to-none option for those who pursue high quality and innovative design.



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