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Armed Notebook Revolver Review


Armed Notebook Revolver Cover

Every year I do an “Editors Choice” list of the best new office supply products, which made me wonder if I should do a “worst of” list as well.  I probably won’t but if I were to do one, I am pretty sure this series of “Armed Notebooks” that includes a revolver, knife and grenade cover might make the list.


Armed Notebook Revolver Inside

Now before you jump to any conclusions, I’m personally a believer that people should own and know how to use guns, and I have been shooting several times myself.  With that said, I just see that this Armed notebook revolver as something that could potentially get people in trouble.  I’m pretty sure this would not be good to travel with, unless you would actually enjoy spending some extra time with our friends at the TSA.  I’m most certain that showing up with this for work or school will result in you taking some unexpected vacation time.


Armed Notebook Writing Sample

Regardless of my personal opinion on the whole concept of the Armed Notebook revolver, I will say that they look kind of cool.  The 3D revolver, grenade, and knife all look very realistic and even though they are all black they do kind of jump out at you.  I’m not sure why there is a metal ring sticking out of them other than on the grenade one because that makes it look like you can pull the pin.  The drawback though to this three dimensional cover design is that you cant flip the cover back and write in the notebook very well because it does not lay flat.  Surprisingly enough, the paper actually dealt pretty well with fountain pen ink, although in the writing sample I forgot the letter “k” in “ink” up there, so don’t hold that against me, I was too lazy to rescan it once I realized it.

Overall if you are looking for a very unique notebook or if you know someone in the military or who is into weapons of any sort, these “Armed Notebooks are probably a nice little gift.  I will also add though that the 3D covers are hollow underneath so stacking anything on these will not really work, and could possibly damage the cover since it is not the thickest plastic around.  If you do pick one up, just try not to do something stupid with it, but I know that somewhere out there that will happen, so don’t be that guy…or girl.

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