Aromatherapy for Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is a good idea. When you stop smoking cigarettes, it will have a positive effect on your budget, do wonders to improve your health, and make the environments where you spend your time healthier and more pleasant for the other people who share your space.

Whether you have tried to quit smoking before and found it too difficult, or whether you have only decided recently to quit, there are a few factors which go into making your decision a success. You want it to work; you want it to work without undue difficulty or side-effects; and you want the method you choose to assist quitting to be inexpensive and safe.

Aromatherapy may be exactly what you are looking for to help you quit smoking. There are two basic points to aromatherapy which not only make it a healthy, effective method, but also an enjoyable experience.

The first point of using aromatherapy for the purpose of smoking cessation is that it will enhance your senses. When you inhale the aromatic oils, it will captivate your senses in a new way. You will feel calm, relaxed, and serene. You will feel much different from the feeling you get from inhaling cigarette smoke, and immediately notice how positive this feeling is to you. When you repeat this on a regular basis, it should not take long for you to begin enjoying the effects of the aromatic oils much more than you ever enjoyed smoking cigarettes.

The second point of aromatherapy is that it will clear your airways. The mucous which has built up in your lungs from smoking cigarettes will start to dissipate. Breathing will become easier, and a better quality. You will feel better in general, and be on your way to better health. This is the aspect of quitting smoking which will lower your risk of smoking-related illnesses, as well as the discomfort you may have been experiencing due to your smoking habit.

Aromatherapy for quitting smoking can assist you in dealing with cravings in two different ways. First, the aroma of the oils is naturally positive in itself. You will simply be in a much nicer mood. However, it also works in terms of “mind over matter.” The more positive you feel, the less likely you will be to want to distract from it with something negative. You will want to keep the good feelings and the good mood which you receive from inhaling the aromas.

While aromatherapy for smoking cessation is effective and safe, it is also an inexpensive method. There are a number of different oils from which to choose, so you can select the oils that you like the most. Whichever combination of oils you choose, you will be glad to see that the costs are considerably lower than smoking-cessation patches and pills which are not nearly as safe and often do not work. While aromatherapy does not work for everyone, it is the most ideal method for most people who have decided that they are ready to quit smoking.


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