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Arrow and Bubble Shaped Paper Clips by Kikkerland


Shaped Paper Clips – Arrows and Speech Bubbles

Well, it is kind of hard to do an actual review of paper clips, so this is going to be a fairly short one.  I found these unique shaped paper clips on Amazon, they are Conversation Bubble Shaped Paper Clips and Arrow Shaped Paper Clips by Kikkerland.  Somehow I missed the Dog Bone Shaped Paper Clips which I only noticed after I ordered the others.


Arrow Shaped Paper Clip in Use

Each box of these uniquely shaped paper clips comes with 50 clips inside and the clips measures about 1.25″ long at their widest points and they are each made from steel with a clear vinyl coating.  From my testing on various thicknesses of papers, it appears that they can comfortably fit and hold about 12-15 sheets of paper.  I like the arrow shaped paper clips to be used as a pointer as I’m showing in the photo above, it is kind of a dual purpose tool when used this way.

At the end of the day, these are more of a novelty item, but they work well and they can add a little life into a boring day at the office, so grab yourself some Conversation Bubble Shaped Paper Clips , Arrow Shaped Paper Clips or Dog Bone Shaped Paper Clips and find some creative uses for them.

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