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Arsenal had 7 times as a guest and Old Trafford

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  • Published Yesterday

Although Arsenal had 7 times as a guest and Old Trafford just achieved a 1-6 defeat of bad record, but before the match I’m afraid no one would have thought that Arsenal would lose to such pieces. However the only positive is that Arsenal too badly mangled in the frontcourt defense after does not seem so bad, although Robin van Persie have lost a penalty shootout, but eventually Arsenal started to avoid the embarrassment by an adversary Cut my hair. Which thanks largely to Wenger’s France fellow van evera, United on IMP-headed defenders of, van evera as most experienced veterans and the farm Football Shirts captain has become defensive weakness around these young people it.

Because Manchester United this service on the scene occupies absolute active, so Arsenal were rarely play flowing past sign of the offensive, more attacks are with personal competence of breakthroughs and simple behind the ball. Happens is these two tricks to Football Shirts Wholesale Van evera cope up quite difficult and particularly frequent use of Arsenal right avant-garde Walcott speed blitz behind van evera Windows and always worked. Race to the first 26 minutes, Theo Walcott quickly from Van evera side swept-line opened Arshavin promptly sent straight plug, van evera catch-up has been lagging behind turn one ‘ s face, fill in the Evans desperation pull down potential into a single small Tiger, eat a yellow card and was sentenced to capital punishment. Degea fabulous Robin van Persie’s penalty kick-bashing, to help them keep the leading a good start.

However the first half the match injury Bushi stage van evera and again send gift to rivals. This time straight plug rosicky is sent behind van evera, Walcott, argues using velocity forming single pole, Evans although struggled to fill in, shot but after Walcott stopped the ball flew small angle, ball whistling from the crotch Degea through into the ball under. 1-3, Arsenal before the halftime break and again see a score of hope. Thereafter, Manchester United crushing dry weeds and smashing rotten wood as to even into three ball thoroughly lock, competition has no suspense, but gunmen were does not gave up restore facial of efforts, subsection 74 minutes, Jenkinson breakthrough van evera of Defense regional Beck, crossing are, Philip,-Joan Republika reluctantly rescue when but ball and falls returned to Beck,, van evera at this time still no back in place, Jenkinson header again will ball top back to Team Football Shirt  restricted area, Robin van Persie Hou points soar to choushe will ball launched in. A penalty kick, two lost balls, and van evera bad defense has a direct relationship, 30 years old, France four of big brother in the average age of less than 21 years old the defensive front of epigenetic looks awkward.

And in attack end, old-take-all whole section left road of van evera although assists very actively, frequently pressure to each other halftime, but competition most time in, Arsenal dapple of Apple of right Defender Jenkinson is does not feel to Van evera with to he of too more pressure, Ashley-Yang and Rooney of turns impact has will Arsenal of right road rushed was fragmented, van evera until competition last stage only in attack end even dew. 82 minutes, van evera plunge into restricted areas blindly pull down by Theo Walcott had lost morale, for the Juventus Custom Football Shirts  to win the shootout opportunity, Wayne overnight completed a hat trick.




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