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Article Marketing As Part Of Your Daily Routine Online

  • By Connie Ragen Green
  • Published 01/12/2009
  • Article Writing

Article marketing can be used successfully to promote your own products and services or affiliate products. Think of every article as another valuable asset in your tool chest as you begin to build your online empire. The majority of my articles are about the work I do online, including teaching others how to write eBooks, blog posts, and special reports, as well as how to use the technology needed to be successful online. Every time I write an article about one of these topics, thousands of potential readers have the opportunity to visit my site and connect with me further. The other articles I write are used strictly to market someone else’s products or services, so I receive affiliate commission when someone reads my article and then makes a purchase. Article marketing is the best way to make affiliate commission, and I have done extremely well with this method for about two years now.

Marketing your articles needs to become part of your daily routine. I schedule time to write articles about the products and services I want to promote, whether they are mine or someone else’s. The most important aspect of article marketing is continuing to write new arti

cles as often as possible, and then to submit them to the article directories. I write new articles every day, and submit them to Ezine Articles before I do anything else. This is the largest directory in the world, and people visit this site to find articles by people who are marketing on a particular topic. You will find that people will come to this article directory and look for the latest articles you have written. Article marketing works, as long as you give people good quality information and tell them as much as you know on the particular topic you are writing about. Do not hold back anything, and this will make your prospects ready to find out even more from you, back on your own website or blog. Make a schedule of how and when you will write your articles. I may spend several days only writing articles about one or my own products. This gives me time to focus my attention completely on what I am sharing with my prospects.

After writing as many articles as I can, I then submit them to the articles directories that will be most appropriate, starting with Ezine Articles and then looking to more niched directories. Article marketing is still the best and most inexpensive way to find new prospects and clients, and to build your list.



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