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Article Marketing Done Correctly Can Bring in Money and Make Your Online Business Profitable

  • By gregory burrus
  • Published 05/6/2008
  • Article Writing

If you are having trouble with your article marketing, make time, follow some rules and examine what the topnotch writers are doing, the web is loaded with excellent writers. Here a few points to consider in your artcle marketing strategy. 1. Write on topics that mean something to you and your enthusiasm for the subject will come through. 2. Plan to be mostly original because some of what you say has been said, however you need to make sure your voice comes through. 3. Write a piece of substance and make it interesting for the reader. Let them know you really are writing for them, not just what is in their pocket. 4. Follow a structure if you want to save time. Think through what type of article you will write. There are strategies and templates to apply. 5. Proof read what you write. Make sure you use spell check and check for grammatical errors. You don’t have to perfect every time, no one is but you do want to try and get it right more times then less. I don’t know how many times we tell people, spell check is free.

6. Write a good length article. Don’t just produce those 200 word

pieces of essentially nothing. Write a length that allows you to express your full ideas and help the reader. 7. Write on topics people want. This is not the old days of write and hope they read it. Article marketing is just that marketing via your article. Hence you need to write to the target market. 8. Visit article directories and read the articles within. The internet is the best place to find samples to review. Review them for content, format, level of detail. Understand what’s different; understand what is read the most. Try and discern the strategy of a top notch or widely read writer and emulate. 9. Have your work reviewed by someone else. Send your friends to review what you have written and get feedback. Nothing like real world feedback to ensure your article marketing skills improve. Just remember putting garbage out may get you a hit but never a customer. Article marketing should be a win-win situation for directory owners, authors and the readers.

If the writer produces good quality articles, and directory owner presents the work in an interesting manner, the readers, yourself included, will prosper. Therefore, own the responsibility to make sure that the article produce is well written and accur



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