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Article Marketing For Newbies

  • By Tiva Kelly
  • Published 03/24/2008
  • Article Writing

While article marketing has quickly risen to the top as one of the most effective online marketing methods, many business owners are still unfamiliar with the strategy. If you are one of those entrepreneurs, read on. I promise it will be worth your while. The Basic Steps 1. Begin by creating an article about a topic related to your business. This is not a sales pitch. In fact, do not even mention your business. Just write an informative article about the industry you know best. For example, if you own an Easter egg dyeing business, you could write about the harmful effects certain food dyes have been shown to have on children. Or say you run a matchmaking service. In that case you might write about the reason our country sees such a high divorce rate. Regardless of the subject at hand, articles should give sound and accurate information through the use of engaging language. 2. Submit your articles to an article distribution service and be open to any revisions they suggest. They are the experts on what publishers are looking for. To insure your articles are published, take their advice and make any necessary changes. It is also at this time that you will choose categories for your articles. By placing articles in specific categories, they will be published on sites that cater to your target audience. This means that those viewing the articles will be immediately interested in what you have to say. “Presold” customers are what every business dreams of!

3. Once your articles have been put through the editorial ringer and placed in categories, they are ready for submission. Article distribution services will send out your articles far and wide across the

Internet. In fact, your articles have the potential of reaching thousands of publishers and thus hundreds of thousands of readers. You may be wondering why these publishers would even want your articles. The answer is that every major website is constantly in need of fresh content for their sites, newsletters, and other promotional materials. They want to be able to continuously offer their visitors new information, and that usually comes in the form of articles. The Results Keep in mind that not every article sent will be published. That is why they are sent to so many sites. Some will hit, others will miss. It is the ones that hit that will create a positive ripple effect that you will experience all the way back at your homepage. These results are garnered through the About the Author box tacked on to the conclusion of every article you write. This box will contain a short explanation of who you are, as well as a link back to your website. This means that every time someone reads your article and likes what they have to say, there is a great chance that they will click the link to your site. Website traffic is an important part of any modern business that utilizes the Internet. The more traffic on your site, the more exposure you gain. And the more people that know about you, the more products you will sell. The other advantage to having your website included in your articles deals with search engine rankings. Google ranks websites based upon the number of quality “backlinks” it has. Therefore, the more credible, well-established websites in which your site address appears, the higher you will climb in the Google rankings.

Digging out from beneath the billions of sites on the Internet and rising to the top is a priceless move. Once you make it to the top of that heap, you will never look back!



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